Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Brief BOA Update

(I temporarily removed this post due to not knowing how I got 300 hits in a couple hours. It looks like Adam at Universal Hub tweeted the story, and a mess of people came here via that link. More than the amount I'm used to seeing, so I panicked... Reposting because Uhub and Adam are trustworthy)...

In late July my lawyer notified us that BOA's lawyer stated that they're willing to admit that there is a problem here, and that BOA is willing to honor our remodification agreement from December 2008.

Sounds great, but there is more!

They want us to drop our lawsuit against them for damages, and in a show of thanks they'll give us $1500.00 for doing so.


It is good that they finally realize that there is a problem and that they will honor what they should have put through in the first place. Thank you so much.

But we are two and a half years into this nightmare, and to be honest, I'm insulted more than a little bit by the payoff amount they're offering for us to drop our lawsuit.

My credit rating is shit, we still can't borrow money for Jess to go to college (I had hoped all this would have been sewn up pretty and cleaned up before now so that we could apply for her loan and not have to ask family for help, again...). I feel like the compensation is pittance for what we've been put through. My lawyer agreed, said it is ridiculous, and no -- we don't accept that offer. Glad he sees it that way because I don't know that I would have agreed if he said "huzzah, let's take it." He implied that we are early in this game, and they're looking to unload fast and quick and be done with it, but he doesn't see it as fair to us to take that offer.

Meanwhile, because this is not yet put to bed, the foreclosure is now on public record. We are now getting phone calls, letters in the mail in crappy handwriting on sticky notes from people who want to buy my house and save me from foreclosure. Letters and phone calls from lawyers who want to help us get out of the foreclosure. I am feeling overwhelmed and harassed. If you call my house phone, chances are I will not be answering it any time soon if you do not appear as a name on my Caller ID.

My dogs were in here the other day losing their minds with barking so I looked out to see what was going on. A guy was walking around my yard the other day taking notes. I asked him what he was doing and he introduced himself saying that he would buy my house for $190,000 if I wanted to sell. Considering I owe $360k,


And get the hell off my property.

So the fact that we're fighting to save the house doesn't seem to matter -- the public record releases our information such as names, address, phone numbers to the general public so people who have made a profession of riding the foreclosure wave can have at us all they want.

That's fantastic. Another thing to totally enjoy about this process.

I've applied for jobs and had interviews, and if they're pulling my credit history, that's a nice thing for a potential employer to see. Congratulations, Christine, you are an excellent and perfect candidate for this position, but ... we won't hire you.

I pretty much can guarantee that. Even if I explain in a job interview "We didn't do this, and we didn't want it, and we're fighting it," the fact of the matter is that they won't hire me. And they don't have to explain why, or tell me why.

So that is the latest right now. I just got something in the mail today from BOA and I don't even want to open it. I just want to go back to bed. But, I have a life to live, a boy who needs cleats for football, a guinea pig cage that would like to be cleaned, a girl to ride to get her to pack for college, phone calls to make to that college to talk about distribution of funds for payment for fall 2011, someone to ask to co-sign for her loan, and a truckload of other things to do.

A life that needs living.


  1. Chrissy K8:34 PM

    Chris, do you have Google Analyics on here? That would show you the referrals and even ISPs.

  2. i actually did, but it isn't working. something is messed up in the code. you answered my question with your email. Uhub is a reliable and wonderful source. i know adam well. i just didn't expect 300 hits in 2 hours, compared to 40 hits per day. so i freaked.

    reposting the blog in a few minutes now that i'm somewhat assured. i guess because it was a tweet the link that links back to my entry is what confused me the most. i'm used to getting linked OFF of uhub when adam does pick up my stories.

    okay. much more scully than mulder now.

  3. Chrissy K9:08 PM

    Yeah, Twitter converts all shortened URLs to their shortened URL thingy, so is always Twitter.

    Thanks for the update. Take it to them. You deserve much more for what you've been through. You know we're behind you the whole way!

  4. thank you chrissy.
    it's been no fun. i want it to be over with. and my lawyer was SHOCKED that BOA admitted there was a problem, and they were willing to fix it. they normally never admit anything ever.

  5. Thanks for the update, I've been wondering how that was going! :)