Monday, August 22, 2011

In the midst of everything else...

By the way...

Geoff started football practice today. The first official pads/helmets/cleats practice of the season. All summer long, at least 2 out of 3 days a week (M/W/F) he rode his bike to the high school and went to the weight room to work with the team. His coach said to me the other day that he was pleased with how "consistent and reliable" Geoff had been and that he's shown great improvement in his skills. Some kids go every single day, every week. The real hardcore dudes. Others once a week, twice a week, whatever. It isn't mandatory workout time. But it is important for team bonding and to get in shape for today.

When I picked him up, he had this big grin on his face. It is weird... Geoff smiles while he is mowing the lawn, smiles when he is riding his bike, and there he is with this giant cat consumed canary grin on his face as he's walking back from the field.

All summer long, he has worked exceptionally hard and I'm really proud of him.

So this week is the first official everyday practice week, with two days that have two sessions each, a morning and afternoon session. Doug and Jess will leave for Pittsburgh, but Geoff and I will stay here so he can make those two practice sessions. I don't know what he's supposed to do between the sessions. It doesn't seem like a long enough break to get anything done like go eat...

I remember when he first started football a few years back, and how I felt lost in the culture of the team dynamic. And he did too. He is still that way. The guys all bunch together and talk, and there's Geoff behind them... I'm hoping that he participates appropriately and has a good time, even if he isn't in the "IN" crowd with them. I just want him to be happy in what he does.

And if the smile isn't an indication, I don't know what is.

I took this picture of Geoff yesterday afternoon. He usually looks at me with this blank expression and saggy eyelids when I take his picture, but this one was different.

We went to the annual Pie Fight and he was so excited to participate. I don't even think he realized that he was supposed to make his "I'm so aloof and bored" face for the photo. I caught him off guard.

It's nice to see him so happy. It is incredibly nice to see him smiling about things. Even weird things, like lawn mowing.

And throwing pies at strangers and friends.

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  1. OMG he is so grown up! Has it been that long?