Monday, October 10, 2011

Zombie Walk 2011 Salem MA

(Please Note: If you're here looking for info on the 2012 Zombie Walk which happens on October 6, 2012 please  click here)

This weekend I attended the fourth annual zombie walk in Salem. There were some logistical problems, such as the organizer getting arrested and the permits getting denied. At first it looked like no walk was going to happen, but everyone went and a good time ensued. As usual, the zombie costumes were amazing. My favorite was a couple who were Titanic Non-Survivors.
They were hysterical.  

 And this guy was one of my favorites.
Scary and hot all at the same time...

The zombie march went into downtown Salem around the East India Mall, if you're familiar with the area, and tourists and street vendors alike were loving the zombies!

Well, some of the kids in the crowd were freaked out, but for the most part, video cameras and other cameras and CHEERING came from the crowd. it was super amazing.

All the pictures are in my flickr account if you want to see them. I'm going to bed. I'm feeling like a zombie myself...

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