Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Observations in Contractor Land

In other news, I sit in a room with about 10 people or so. The six people on our team, myself included, talk very little. We come in, we set our noses to the grind stone, we cut and paste and QA and edit.

The people on the other side of the divider wall are, I believe, contractors as well. And there is one girl who is honestly the single most annoying person I've encountered in years.

She complains about how people edited her writing so it sounds like a five year old wrote it (mind you, she's a technical writer, but the people editing the content are the PRODUCT MANAGERS who know the product upside down, inside out). She takes everything personally, like they are insulting her and her skills. She hates that a meeting has to be held, and "what does that guy do anyway?"

And she has vocal fry, worse than anyone I've yet to hear speak who "uses" it, or I should say has succumbed to it. She says "like," "Oh, I know," and "Gahd." Often. She is incredibly LOUD. She was talking about yesterday's primary election in our state, and who she likes and doesn't like, and normally I'd be open to entering into conversation or at least hearing from someone about what their opinions are.

But .... no. Please stop talking.

Her voice is like audio lasers. Penetrating. Right into my brain.

She's short and cute and spunky, and somehow possesses the heaviest walk of anyone on earth including my   Geoff who can't walk through the house without shaking it like the jolly green giant.

I can hear her coming from a mile away.

She also seems to have about 20 different zip up products for carrying all her gear in because she leaves a little before me and it takes about a half hour for her to pack all her stuff. She zips, she drops the bag or whatever onto the floor.

Taking the over under bets on how long it is before I lose my mind.


  1. Well that part clearly isn't awesome, loud music on the iPod is highly recommended.

  2. Dear Christine, Thank you for putting "using" in quotes when referring to vocal fry. Love, A Singer

  3. the idea of her zipping up a million bags is hilarious. I want to come by just to hear her!

  4. no amy! don't be hyperbolic! it isn't a million. it is like 20. maybe 20 hundred. and she sighs and dumps them on the floor. i seriously want to walk around the wall to watch her when she does this.

    and she wasn't there on friday. i was the happiest i've ever been.