Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guster Today!

Oh hello. Sorry for neglecting the blog. I've been busy at work, busy at home and when I am on blogger I'm writing my secret blog with my friend C about our diets, which I won't discuss here, except that I managed to lose about 10 pounds total (unofficial) so far.

And while I did say that I wouldn't make this a weight loss blog, I will  make one comment. Why is it that whenever I lose weight I lose it in my boobs? My bras are all too big cup-wise now, and I didn't have an ample supply of boobage in the first place. So that disappoints me. Hey, body! Lose the weight around the belly and the butt next, please. Kthxbi.

This afternoon, I am going to see my boys Guster. They are doing a 2pm show in Boston, and my dear Abbey (the same one of the BNL show for my birthday in 2010) emailed me to let me know she had an extra ticket for me. I am super stoked, I haven't seen the Gusters in forever, so I am really looking forward to this. I skipped the "Lost and Gone Forever" anniversary tour because of money, I passed on a couple other opportunities... I passed on Huntington NY (hometown, baby!) which would have been an amazing show. So what a blessing it is that Abbey thought to get in touch with me for this one.

It is a 2pm show, which is super weird to me. They performed last night, and they're playing again tonight... But a 2pm show is like the Early Bird Special. Am I really doing a matinee show for a rock band? How bizarre. Well, at least I'll be home in time to see "Matlock"

And on that note, gotta think about getting ready and out the door. More later, I'm sure! Guster! Yaaay!

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  1. Um? Yesterday we left for the 3:10pm game at ELEVEN AM and we had a HORRIBLE time finding parking. THREE HOURS EARLY???!!! Really??

    Why do you have all the British accent folks looking at your blog?