Thursday, July 26, 2012

So, some blood work...

I got my blood work back. Much better news than I thought.
"Your diabetes control has significantly improved with your weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits! Your A1C is now 6.1% which is EXCELLENT!"
her words. the goal range is "4.4 - 6.3" so you see a 6.1 is "in acceptable range" after being CLOSE to 8 or whatever it was, I made it into the range and while I didn't kick its ass like doug did, i got in the range.

My cholesterol is still high, at 215. the bad LDL cholesterol is 125 and should be under 100. the good cholesterol was awesome at 55, so the average/combined reading works out math wise works out to "average" and it was a happy result. my glucose was 139 so that was still too high so I need to fix that. So, when I walk daily, my glucose lowers. so when i get out and walk it helps.

And I have to get back to walking. often. and that 139 will get lower. aah.

Also, I have not gotten to my weight loss target weight, but overall have lost close to 30 pounds. I am 2 pounds away from that. Two Freaking Pounds, yo. I'm not going too hard on myself, because that's pointless and counter productive. I did my diet for 100 days and  Carrie and I decided to restart the count so I'm on day 9 now. or day 109. depending on how you look at it. I am chronicling my food intake, I just need to get back to walking as much as I did while I was at the contract web design job. I have barely walked at all while back at "awesome."

She said come back in September for a retest. I hope to be in that 5 range where Doug has managed to get himself.

I miss beer, but it isn't worth having to take medication to enjoy. Sad but true.

Figured all y'all would like that update. 

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