Tuesday, January 01, 2013

happy or just plain happier 2013

I mostly have nothing to say really right now. Very un-bloggy these days. But I wanted to write an entry so I get the new year up on the side bar. Lots and lots of years here on the blog, I must say. Holy crap.

Anyway, we've been sick for weeks over here in happy (a)musings land. Doug came down with an -itis right before Christmas and I caught it. Christmas eve service I couldn't even sing. Just stood there hating my throat. On Christmas day Doug was delusional and hallucinating, talking to the TV. High fever equals high comedy.

He created a term that may go down in history. We were watching the news and there was a woman talking about a "dangerous apparatus." Doug started laughing and said he was going to get into a "dangerous NAPparatus!" ah ha ha hah ahaaaahahahaha oh i'm so funny, says Doug. So we're using the term in regular rotation when it is time to get some serious drug induced sleep.

Christmas was our usual low-key laid back "slacker" style affair. More than half of jess' presents didn't show up, so we're waiting on those. Last minute shopping is stupid.

New Year's Eve found us still sick, curled up on the couch watching Netflix and Sgt. Frog episodes and Jackie Chan and Kung Fu movies. Midnight came and went and we crawled into the dangerous napparatus. Happy freaking new year.

Geoff's birthday is next week and we're trying to think of something fun we can do, and we are broke. Doug suggested going to a Japanese steak house. When I suggested we bring a couple of his friends Doug balked, because he doesn't see the point in spending money. It's kind of disappointing because this is his 16th birthday and I would like it to be something a little more than dinner with Mom and Dad. Trying to convince him that we should do something nicer.

Anyway, that's about it. Still sick and feeling nappy right now.

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