Friday, February 08, 2013

blizzardocolopyse 2013

Not. Funny. At. All.

 We've had little or no snow, literally, since early 2011. Several times this year they got their collective hopes up, panties in bunch, snowgasms were roaring, predictions of several inches were made and we got ... dust. "ZOMG! FIVE INCHES ARE COMING !!!" dusting.

Seemed to me as if winter in New England was becoming winter in North Carolina on a regular basis. I was okay with that concept.

Earlier this week, the collective prognosticators once again got their weather caps on and started predictions of a blizzard. The european model says we're going to get hammered but this other collection of models says ... meh.

On Tuesday, I was laughing at them. Saying that once again they are the boy who cries wolf. Or snow. Or snow wolf. Or something.

As Thursday approached... graphics like the one above started popping up places. And it appeared as if little european model for the forecast may be right spot on.

I still call shenanigans.

If you look at the map above, where it says "Lawrence" is actually across a wide swath of area that is NOT Lawrence... and my house is right underneath the second, lower bump in the number 3, right above Lawrence.

3 as in 43.8 inches of snow.

This better be off by a full 30 inches or I'm not going to be happy.

So anyway, that's what is going on here. I'm allegedly sitting in what will be the major dumping ground of a storm named "Nemo," which makes me laugh because all I can think of is a little clown fish with a damaged fin not being able to swim really hard. I think the weather channel has some serious nerve naming storms that aren't hurricanes. Especially naming them stupid things. I don't think of Captain Nemo, I think of cute little harmless fishies.

Best part of this whole thing was Doug took it upon himself to go do the shopping for storm prep. He figures we'll lose power, so he wanted to get food that we can cook without the oven and electric stove top.

Sounded like a plan to me. I figured he'd get some canned soup that we can cook on top of the wood stove maybe.

I got home from work and opened the fridge to see three packages of hot dogs. Three. And on the shelf, a giant bottle of vodka. And literally nothing else.

Confused, and wondering what I was supposed to make for dinner that night (I mean, the storm hadn't even started yet and we have nothing to eat for dinner...) I asked him what the hell he was thinking. What kind of storm prep is this nonsense.

"Open the freezer," he answered. So I did... and inside it was packed with meat and chicken cutlets and meatballs and all kinds of goodies. "I bought all frozen food to keep the freezer cold in case the power goes out, and if it goes out for a long time, all we have to do is put that all in a cooler, and put it on the back porch. Done."

Still, three packages of hot dogs and a bottle of vodka was pretty funny.

Here are some pictures so far. first is 11:30am, second is 2pm. Hopefully there will be stuff to take pictures of at 5pm before it is pitch dark. We'll see.


  1. Yeah, Jeremy's employer in VT let everybody out at 2pm, and by 7pm we were *barely* at a dusting. I really want to take the dog out to play in some real snow tomorrow. We'll see.

  2. we got 26, but what's funny is my brother in Hartford got 30 waaahhaaaaa