Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coat Tail Rider

Doug is going to a conference in March and asked me if I wanted to go too. He's gone to several conferences over the years and never asked if I wanted to tag along. Mostly because the places he was headed had prohibitively expensive airfares for us to justify my going.

This trip is to Orlando Florida, and the airfare is 300 bucks round trip so we're scraping together the moneys and I'll tag along.

I have friends in the area I will want to try and spend some time with. The hotel is a Disney resort, but does not include time in Disney... but by the looks of things, there is a bar in the middle of the pool. And to me, that's kind of more fun than going on a ride or getting my picture taken with Goofy. See, right there? Laguna Bar? yeah.

We fly down on a Tuesday afternoon. Doug will be conferencing his brains out Wednesday and Thursday, with day and night activities. I'll bring my laptop and do work but will also entertain myself. Looks like a nice long loop walk there. I'll look forward to some of that nonsense.

Our friends M and J live 3 hours south so Doug's conference ends after breakfast/morning sessions on Friday and we then have the afternoon to ourselves. We're staying the extra night and our flight is Saturday morning. So I've notified them that I hope they can be free to goof off with us on Friday night. Maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle. Maybe they're happy to come up and goof off with us?

We shall see.

I don't like flying, but I do need, as Southwest airlines says, "wanna get away?"

Bar. In Pool. Yes.

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