Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When my husband arrived home from work this evening he asked me if I had made coffee this morning. I told him that I did not. He looked at me funny and asked "well, who made coffee this morning?"

Geoff then walked through the room and I asked him if he made the pot of coffee. He was up exceptionally early because he decided that today he'd ride his bike to school, and work out in the gym for an hour before school started. Which meant he'd have to leave here at about 5:30 to be there on time.

"Um, no! I didn't make coffee. Dad must have been sleep walking this morning and completely forgets that he came down and made coffee. It wasn't me."

Doug and I looked at each other and I said to Geoff "can you just say yeah, you made it, so we could thank you? It was very good coffee."

He smiled and said "Yeah, I made it. Did I do a good job?"

Yes, except for the mess he made and sort of half assedly cleaned up. We'll do a clinic in coffee making so he does it a little better. He walked away smiling.

It's so weird, if you're a long time reader of this blog and by that I mean like 10 years, to have come to this spot in his life. I kind of like him. He's amazing.

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