Sunday, April 07, 2013

Eagle Court of Honor

Today, my neighbor and friend Thane had his Eagle Court of Honor. He completed his eagle project last summer and passed his board in October. We held off as a Troop to have his COH this spring because we've had so many recently it was kind of becoming a burden on the committee to throw the shindigs.

It was worth the wait.

Over two hundred people were there, and it was a wonderful ceremony. Thane gave a rousing speech, the proceedings were fantastic and the feast was just wonderful.

I'm really glad that this guy is my neighbor and my friend, and I'm very glad he's such a mentor and role model for my son. I'm so blessed to know him.

I've watched him grow up, I met his mom when the boys were very little, and they've come up together. I'm so glad they are in Scouts together, and that Geoff looks at Thane and wants to be like him.

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