Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I got an email today from someone I worked with on the contract last spring. She is a technical writer, and right now is assigned to a robotics lab writing support documentation for some sciency dudes. She was offered a contract position, six months $50 an hour. And she can't take it. So she is writing me a recommendation and asked me for my resume.

I kind of feel blindsided in a way. I am not a technical writer but according to her that is "simply awesome" because they have all their documentation done, it is a rebranding and migration, similar to what I did last year at the other contract. I asked her how flexible it is, because I'd like to stay working at "awesome" on the Monday and Friday. She said she thinks that might work out fine.

Part of me is psyched for this out of the blue where the heck did that truck come from kind of thing. Another part of me is yelling "wait! What?! WOAH!"

I need a nap.

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