Wednesday, May 22, 2013

dog, doug, debt

i am literally fascinated right now watching my dog wash his face with his paws. it looks like he's trying to scratch his eyes out. it is rather entertaining.

i very much would like to take a nap but Geoff has a dentist appointment in 15 minutes, and wants to recycle cans/bottles (i let him keep the money if he does the work).

someone keeps calling out house and leaving these long rambling messages for doug that he won't answer/return. it's about some debt or something. i'm not sure why he won't talk to them. i think he's in a similar state of depression and avoidance as i am (hence the watching the dog wash his face for 10 minutes thing...)  they won't talk to me and hang up on me when i pick up the phone. so i have started disconnecting the call when the woman is in the middle of her script. i wonder how long it takes for them on the other end to realize they are no longer leaving a message.

really want that nap.


  1. ug. I keep getting calls for my ex, D. they've hung up on me more than once, accused him of being in the room with me (he's in AZ), and asked me for his info but won't tell me why they're calling ME, nor will they stop calling me. it's delightful.

  2. the company calling us has been paid. we pay on the first of the month. but they call as the first of the month approaches to remind us to pay. we can't pay online - they've disabled that. so i put the check in the mail... it frustrates me to no end that they have someone niggling at us for 100 dollars a month, calling 5 times a day to "remind" us to pay, when we pay.

    i've literally had it with just about every financial institution and bank and business on this planet. literally.