Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A very moving day, a very moving week

So here we are on day two of the diaspora from our beloved home into a 2 year rental that I am okay with but won't love with all my heart and all my soul. When we looked at the apartment, the tenants were in there -- and all their stuff was in there. Now 90% of their garbage sits at the end of the driveway, and the town didn't take it on trash day. They didn't "broom clean" the interior. There is stuff and crap everywhere.

We talked with the landlord about him hiring a contractor to move everything out, and we're going to just do it, get a dumpster (because really, it will benefit US as well if we have one and then he pays for it, if you know what I mean...) and I'm going to clean every surface that they left dirty.

There is a storage closet that used to be a bathroom. When we looked at the place it was filled with storage items, which makes sense. Now we see that where the tub used to be is unfinished - exposed floors and walls. I think I'm going to politely request that the landlord finish that room and make it a room instead of a half undone bathroom.

He mentioned he's going to pull the deck off of the back of the house as it is a mess, and falling down in places. So I would like for that to happen sooner than later, and really would like a bigger deck. where a piece of patio furniture and a couple chairs can fit up on it.

I have very few wants and expectations in life. My goal was to find a place in our school district that we could afford, and this is the place that we could afford. Considering there are three rentals right now in our district that are twice what this place is, I'm not complaining.

The way I see it, and this is my mantra, "It's only two years. Two years from right now, right this very minute, we can move again if we want to. Anywhere in the country. Anywhere in the world. Anywhere."

Doug has been a workhorse. I had to work yesterday, so he and Geoff and our neighbor Thane set out to work on loading the u-haul truck. Our friend Wayne and five of his six kids (the oldest is at college) came to help. Doug was happy that the older two were on the job, the younger three were a bit of a challenge but when they were given tasks they set to them and went to town. Doug had them hack down a ton of weeds in front of the house. They did a great job.

By the time I arrived from work, they were settling in to pizzas. We were sitting by the garage eating and chatting, and the three littles ran around playing... and then were attacked by bees.

So we had kind of a rough ending to the day. And have discovered the garage is full of flying stinging motherfuckers that we have to murder.

No wonder the tenants didn't clean it out.

So.... work is cut out for us. I'm just doing a quick entry before taking Geoff for a doctor's appointment. Then it is back to the grind.

More later.

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