Thursday, October 24, 2013


I've brought my real camera a couple of times, but more often I am using the Instagram to record stuff I see when I am at work. The weather has been stellar. Here are some pictures.

 Seen on my walk, in the financial district, bikers know how to sport lovely bikes and make pantloads of money, i guess.

 Near North Station, this electric/utilities box is appropriately painted. very nice!

 I sometimes sit and watch the tour guides for the Boston Tea Party encouraging their tour participants to throw their tea into the "Hahbah." it is very entertaining to sit and eat lunch, and hear their cheers.
 My office is near the Channel, which in the 1980s was a place you did NOT want to hang out at. But today.... there is a children's museum, and lots of upscale niceness. And it is a lovely place.

My friend Sam is an actor, and I've connected him to a few people over the years. Right now you can go on one of his live tours with Ghosts and Gravestones in Boston, and he'll show you the scary part of Boston History.

 It is really such a pretty view. I love where I'm working.
 On the way home the other night, the sky was on fire. So beautiful.
An early morning arrival, bright sunshine, and pretty yellow boat against the water.

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  1. These are beautiful and I've really enjoyed following along on Instagram! I think I don't miss Boston often because there's so much to see in Stockholm, but then I see your pictures, miss it all, and am happy to at least see how it's going and watch the seasons change from here. Keep it up!