Monday, November 04, 2013

Commuting Observation

So, one of the things that I've been neglecting to share is something I have noticed while commuting: People bring a lot of luggage with them.

I'm often surprised by the lady with a pocket book/shoulder bag, a laptop case and a little suitcase on wheels that they're dragging around behind them, or the guy with the rolly suitcase, the gym bag and the laptop case. I watch them navigate down the train aisle... bumping into everyone and trying not to, or just bull in china shop motoring through the train station to get where they're going fast.

People travel to work on a daily basis with more stuff than I take away on a week's vacation. 

And I have to ask... do we really need that much crap? I mean, maybe they're lawyers and they have a ton of stuff in the rolly case paperwork wise that they HAVE to bring with them places. But I get the feeling sometimes that it is gym clothes (the dead give away is the yoga mat strapped to the side of the suitcase).

When they get to their destination, do they really use all that stuff or is it a just in case situation. Maybe there is a change of clothes to go out somewhere fancy after work with the girls.

Maybe they never get a chance to get to the gym, or go out for cocktails at Nebo, because they're always just too busy.

But... they're prepared.

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  1. I used to be a travel-light person. But then I came down with diabetes, and now whenever I'll be away from home longer than three hours I have to carry a backpack to hold all the crap -- insulin pens in case my pump breaks (which HAS happened!), insulin for the pump in case I run out, my BG tester, snacks, etc. And then we got the dog, and going anywhere became complicated^10 all over again.

    I will also say that when we had more money, I was able to pack lighter. If I needed something I didn't have, I could just pick it up at a drugstore. Nowadays, since I have that ever-loving diabetes backpack with me anyway, I bring absolutely anything I could possibly need. That way I don't have to spend the money on little things while I'm away from home.