Monday, November 04, 2013


Today I stayed home from work. Got my period on Thursday and fully believed that the 24 hour pain fest would start on Saturday afternoon and end on Sunday. Well, it started when I anticipated, and still goes on. So I called out, losing a day's pay.

But there is an upside. Our landlord had a call in to the furnace dudes on Friday and they didn't make it here over the weekend, so... I was home to meet the guy this morning and our furnace is now working. Which is good. Because it was 20 degrees outside this morning, and possibly 40 in my bedroom.

Curled up in bed with three dogs surrounding me, 40 degrees is doable. Down in the livingroom the space heater was cranking and when I got up I started the woodstove, so the place was manageable. I can imagine people living like this over the course of a winter in an old farm house like this. I can't imagine single digits or negative temps... that I couldn't do. But ... no complaints from me this morning. I'm happy it worked out this way.

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