Friday, December 13, 2013

Resigned with Resignation

My contract job has been requesting that I work a five-day work week for them.

The reason is two fold:

  • One, there is a pant load and a shit ton of work to be completed. My extra day helps. 
  • Two, it looks good. My boss is trying to create a full time position for me, and me being here full time makes it appear that I want to be here full time so the powers that be may consider me for a full time position. 

Which meant one thing. I would have to resign my job at the Cooking School. So Doug and I talked about it, and I talked to Jo, and resigned.  I felt horrible and conflicted about it. I love working there. I love everyone who works there. But I've been praying for a full time job opportunity, and this could very well be the one.

So, hithertoforth, I no longer work at "awesome" as I called it. Here's to hoping this contract turns into "awesome too." or ... "awesome 2." Or something.

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