Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Mom Vacation

People have commented to me that being in the hospital while you FEEL alright, even if you AREN'T totally alright is kind of like a vacation. Someone told me to enjoy my "mom vacation."

Okay, I'll buy that. I know my kids are cared for, they're older and handling things well. Geoff isn't an irresponsible kid who isn't going to go to school or use this as an excuse to not do his school work.

Being away, at this stage in their life and our family is alright. And yeah... it is a little bit vacationey. I have a room to myself, people are waiting on me hand and foot. I hit a buzzer, and someone shows up and helps me with whatever I need help with. The food is decent. Honest.

The only thing missing are mimosas and pedicures. And a hot tub. The only thing this spa vacation should get rid of is the IV and the blood drawing. Oh, and the neighbors in the other rooms.

Next best thing though has been my girl Carrie who has brought me delicious lunches, and a bunch of lovely self-primping things and Burts Bees and happiness to apply to myself. I took a lovely shower (it was comical to see me once I realized I was wearing a T-shirt and had no way to get it off over the IV cord.

If I didn't think we'd get totally in trouble or something horrible would show up in my blood work I'd gladly have our picnic lunch with cocktails.

Feet are up. Law & Order on the tube. hanging tough.

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