Saturday, March 08, 2014

Happy Hour

When we moved into our new digs back in August, one of the cool features is that it is directly across the street from friends of ours from church. Beth and Greg and their two boys. Jess house sits for them and baby sits, and when we were offered the place they were the first people I told, because I thought it would make them super happy.

And it did.

I really like Beth and Greg. Level headed, down to earth, funny, engaging, lovely human beings. I worked for Beth for a while, and it didn't work out in the long run because they ran out of stuff for me to do, and getting me stuff to do would require a lot more training and it just wasn't clicking. But that didn't get in between us.

A month or so ago, Beth and I were chatting and she told me a story about when she lived in New Mexico how her neighbor across the street would show up on her doorstep at 4pm on a Friday afternoon with the makings of Gin & Tonic and ask "so, do you have ice and glasses?"

"So I think maybe we should institute a Friday Happy Hour going forward," says Beth.

Yesterday she texted me and said "what are you doing at 5pm?"

"I've been a crummy friend. You've been out of the hospital for weeks and I haven't come across the street to visit. So let's have some fun." I told her it was okay she hadn't visited, because she texted me every day and that was caring and lovely. But she still felt like she was a jerk and needed to make amends. So  she declared it happy hour but neither of us had the makings of Gin & Tonic handy.

She had two bottles of wine, and we figured that would be good. She brought snacks and the wine (made by her dad, it was pretty good for homemade hooch).

We had a great time. It was a lovely visit. She spent three hours here talking with us, and laughing and joking and we talked about our TV guilty pleasures (so much Law & Order) and she eventually realized how late it was and that she should get home to her husband and boys. Greg had texted her at about 7pm to see where she was, and she ignored her phone while we were visiting so it was kind of funny when she realized how late it got to be.

I think I like Friday Happy Hour and look forward to the next installation. Not sure if we have the bandwidth to do it weekly, but I'll have the Gin & Tonic makings ready in the future.

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