Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I am not a morning person. Markedly so. Just .... not.

My husband cannot sleep past 7am, I hate getting up before noon. He thinks I burn the day sleeping but he's in bed at 9pm out cold and I'm rocking the midnight oil.

Since the surgery, I've been able to sleep a lot better and sleep through the night, which had been something I hadn't been able to do for quite a while. I maybe wake up once a night to pee and that's usually because I drink a lot of liquid around dinner time and it has to make its exit sometime...

A few days over the past week or so I've made the concerted effort to be up early and have gone to the gym with my girl C. I feel I slow her down a lot if we try and walk outdoors, so if we are next to one another on an exercise bike she can go fast and I can go at my pace. She can do 5 miles to my 2, and we never lose track of each other ... it works out great.

This morning was to be a gym day, and I woke up with my knee hurting and swollen... I knew it would be a bad idea to go work it out the way I'd been working it out. So I told C that I wanted to pass on the gym, and she suggested breakfast.

She had a dentist appointment to get to, so she was up and ready anyway... so I agreed.

It was so nice to get out and have breakfast... I'm used to just a cuppa coffee these days. I'm home now, and have the whole day before me to do stuff. I've got boxes of books to unpack, some book cases to move (I need Geoff's help with that, maybe Jess' too) and I have the dishwasher running and the stovetop cleaned.

Getting up early has its benefits.

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  1. It was *so nice* to get breakfast, made my day.