Wednesday, May 07, 2014

And Now, on "This American Life..."

I've interviewed for dozens of jobs recently. Well, not dozens. But this past week has been the week of interviews.

Thursday I had a phone interview with a major publishing house which is expanding its digital content group. I sent in my resume even though I didn't know the CMS platform they're using. I got a call for an interview and asked if that was a problem. The interviewer said "oh, no. We're getting rid of that anyway and moving to another platform. None of us know it. Not even me. So we'll all learn it together."

Overall, this was the job I wanted. It stays with the whole Content Management theme that runs through my resume. It hearkens back to education and online learning which I did (and loved) at the college. I told one of my former professor-type colleagues about the job and he just about exploded that FINALLY here we were where he wanted to be in 2000 with online educational content and I'd be back in that familiar saddle again. It made me very happy to know he thought it was the perfect job for me.

Next, I interviewed for a job at a hospital which runs its own Continuing Education department in partnership with Harvard University. The job is part content management and publications, and the 8 major conferences they throw a year would be the rest of the job. Communicating with the speakers, getting all their documentation and presentations into InDesign. And at each conference, being on duty 24/7 for 3-4 days... staying at the hotel, running the show.

My interview was FANTASTIC. I liked the team. I don't know InDesign but the girl I'd be replacing was staying on through September, going part time at the end of July and then leaving.

This would be a fun job. A challenge and a departure from what I've been doing, but I think I throw a good party, I'm organized at events. I'm good at "schmoozing" with people and representing the organization and that was a huge part of the conference skills.

Yesterday I interviewed for a temporary contract that runs through the end of September.  It is the digital branch of a rather huge radio conglomerate, and perhaps you can guess it from my title of this entry.

It is a lot more tech support and not any real content management. It is all about solving help tickets and communicating with the end users when they need assistance on the major platforms the "digital" branch of the system (my branch) runs. The interview went great and they offered me the job that afternoon.

Now, Doug told me I should probably reach out to the publishing company and ask if I'm still in the running for consideration for the job. It would literally be my dream job. I have no idea what it pays.  My guess is probably a little more than I'll be earning on this contract.

But I can't get ahold of the woman who interviewed me.

And to be honest, this is a cool job with a super cool company. So ... I took it. And back to the working week I go. Finally.

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