Friday, May 30, 2014

Early one morning the sun was shining, I was laying in bed...

This morning I had the unique experience of having a very vivid dream where I was in bed, hitting the snooze alarm on my cell phone repeatedly so that I could fall asleep again and keep dreaming whatever the dream was that I was dreaming.   And while having this dream, I was in real life hitting the snooze alarm on my phone repeatedly so I could fall asleep again and keep dreaming the dream I was dreaming, which was, of course, to be in my bed hitting the snooze alarm over and over so I could go back to sleep and ....

Waking up from something like that is at times unnerving. I went into the bathroom, and had to convince myself that I was on the loo, that I was awake, and it was safe to go ahead and pee because I was no longer in my bed hitting the snooze alarm over and over.

Slowly I began to get to an awake point. I turned on the shower and got in, almost forgetting to take off my t-shirt but I remembered while my left leg was in the stream of the water.

After my shower I came downstairs to see what was going on in life, Doug was on his way upstairs to get ready. Geoff looked at me and said "Getting a late start today?"

Normally I'm dressed and ready and sitting on the couch by 6:15 while Doug is either still in bed or in the shower himself. I guess yeah, I was getting a late start if this was already 6:45.

Mercifully, the Traffic Pixies made the way clear, and while we left after Geoff's bus (which we never do) I was here at my desk at 8:20am. Pretty fantastic commute. Even with the woman in front of us from Tennessee who couldn't figure out for the life of her that she needed to pull up into the intersection to make a left hand turn. Or even GO when no traffic was coming, to make a left hand turn.

We were happy to lose her as she headed toward the airport and we headed to the tunnel.

Friday mornings in the "summer" usually are just that. We make it into the city in no time. Last year when I was driving Doug to his job and continuing along to "Awesome" I was often at my desk the earliest on Fridays.

It is the getting home part that hurts on a Friday. Everyone is headed to New Hampshire, and everyone is in our way.

This office is full of late arrivers, which is fine. I normally like being a late arriver. But if you are a late arriver, you usually are a late stayer. Doug tries to get over here to get me by 5:30 or :45, and then it takes us until 7 to get home. So getting here before 9am is a good thing for me. I can get a full day of shenanigans in under my belt.

And on that note, the tea is getting cold, and I have help desk tickets to solve. Onward.

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