Friday, May 02, 2014

"Everything hurts. Forever."

Yesterday and today are days where my original knee injury actually feels ... almost okay. I started wearing my knee brace again, and managed to bike (at the gym) 4 miles yesterday and 4 today.  Plus do all the upper and lower body exercises that I could handle.

Two days in a row, instead of one day in a week.

I'm paying for it today - my left shoulder and muscles going up to my neck are really sore, and I didn't do the heaviest weights I could handle. I laugh because I'm rowing and pulling and lifting about 20 to 30 pounds worth of weights on each of the upper body machines. I'm so super weak and lame. But I figure they are amounts I can handle, and I am doing 10 reps in 3 sets at least, sometimes 15 reps in 3 sets so ... better to do what I can handle than do stuff that I can only do once.

Lower body stuff has always been easier. I can't press/push as much as when I was in high school or college but I'm comfortable in the 50 pound areas for things, as long as it doesn't make my knee uncomfortable.

Walking is still difficult. The week before last I was cooped up here in the house, the weather was nice, so I decided to walk to the library and back. there is a little green in front of the library, so I walked around it 3 times, resting when I needed, and it was less than a mile and kicked my ass. The other day I walked a half mile on the treadmill and gave up because it was exhausting. Wiped me all the way out.

I'll stick to the bike and aim for 4.5 or 5 miles next time I go.

While I am struggling to accomplish 4 miles on the bike, my son and his Scout troop went on their annual bike hike over April break. Geoff skipped last year, he took driver's ed (didn't get his permit or take the driving classes yet...) and the trip was in the Adirondacks so he didn't want to ride up mountains. This year was down the Cape, and about 3 years ago he did this trip. So he wanted to go again.

First day, they rode 18 miles. The troop didn't need me as a support vehicle, so I went and had lunch with my parents and drove around Falmouth and Hyannis instead.

Second day I stuck around to be the support vehicle, and the boys set out from Nickerson State Park and rode to Coast Guard Beach where I met them with all the stuff for lunch. We had a gorgeous time on the beach, the weather was fantastic and all the kids had a ton of fun.

One kid was a first year Scout and he was exhausted and didn't want to ride any further. Another kid was just kind of done with the troop for the day and didn't want to ride any further. And a third kid inhaled a bunch of sand while wrestling, so he couldn't ride any further.

I ended up taking the three of them back to camp, and missing out on the ride to Wellfleet and going up there. I think I've been there once in my life.

Geoff wanted to come back with me when I left with the other three but I told him to stick with it, do the full ride, enjoy it. This is his last bike hike as a Scout. If he goes next year it will have to be as an adult volunteer. That freaks me out a little.

So he begrudgingly agreed and went on the rest of the ride. It was about 12 more miles, which doesn't sound like much, but by the time they all made it back to camp it was a 29 mile ride.

I was hanging out at camp when the guys all came back, and Geoff stumbled in looking beat up. "Everything hurts. Forever." He reported to me as he walked past. He went and took a big nap.

Adults who rode on the ride said that he hung in there the whole time, didn't miss a beat, wasn't lagging behind. He worked his ass off.

I want to be inspired by my son. I feel like I want to say "I give up" but I encourage him to push himself 12 more miles and I can barely do 4. So every time I try and do something I want to do it just a little longer and a little more.

Begrudgingly, especially if everything hurts forever after I'm done doing it.

And here's my favorite picture from the weekend. Left to right, Chris, Geoff and Stephen. Geoff is in 11th grade and the other are in 12th. Chris just finished his Eagle. Stephen should be done with his by August 13 ... when he turns 18. Just in time. My son has the greatest hair in the entire universe.

And on that note. Me and my tired muscles are headed upstairs for a late shower, and bed. 

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