Thursday, May 08, 2014

Riding That Train

When I went into Boston for my interview, I took the train. It is about 90 minutes door to door to take the commuter rail and the subway to my office. Sitting in traffic it can be that long if not longer.

There are things I remembered that I love about commuting by train and almost immediately I was reminded of the things that make my head explode.

First - people coughing on the back of my head. I've blogged about how much it makes me crazy when people put themselves in confined spaces with hundreds of other people and then cough or sneeze all over the place.

Second - the guy across the aisle from me had a text notification that made a whistle similar to someone calling a dog to get its attention. And it went off pretty much every 90 seconds the entire ride to town. Dude. Put that thing on vibrate because every time it whistles I look that way. Like a freaking Labrador Retriever.

Third - in many places, there aren't escalators. With a knee injury, going up and down a lot of stairs is doable, I just have to go nice and slow. Which some people don't seem to understand.

My friend Carrie has recommended taking the bus instead. I may look into that.


  1. also, in unnecessary noise: cars that honk when you lock them. WHYYYY? why do we need that noise pollution? whyyy? every single time it makes me jump out of my skin. good, your car's locked and I need a sedative.

    1. this is true amy. can't we just rely on a nice hearty "CHUNK" noise when all the doors lock, and a little blink of the lights?

    Seriously. It goes right to South Station. *SOUTH* STATION. THAT'S THE TRAIN STATION ACTUALLY NEAR YOUR WORK. You might as well be trying to take the commuter rail to the airport. If you want to walk, I applaud you - so take the train home at night but I think it might greatly simplify your life to take the bus in the morning?

    1. i am going to look into it. especially if I think we can keep our workout date on certain mornings. I can get you to pick me up at my house or doug to dump me off at PF and then walk over to c&j or get dropped there by you. it is much closer than the train station.