Thursday, August 07, 2014

Time to start thinking about maybe starting to get ready

One day, a long time ago, we were sitting in the living room all dressed and ready to go somewhere. My mother in law was milling about, and said "Well, I think it is time that I start thinking about maybe starting to get ready," or something along those lines... as five of us (my family and my father in law) were sitting there, fully groomed, dressed, and waiting.

I kind of feel like that right now. It is time to start thinking about starting to get ready.

Actually, I've felt like that for a few weeks. And by getting ready I mean getting ready for Aaron's wedding.

Long time readers know Aaron from our days in Maine, where we did a pig roast, and my son jumped up and down on their bed holding a pair of shears and poked holes in the slanted ceiling. Where my daughter shaved her arm and then lied to us about it. The beach, the sand, the view to Blue Hill... Equirox. All those things.

Aaron and his wife split up a number of years ago and he, to steal from Ben Folds "moved to the west coast, away from everyone..."

There was a little period of time where he disconnected from us on purpose. Found his way back to us. And our love for him never fails.

Aaron asked me to be his Best Man, and I immediately said yes. I thought better of it and Doug told me I was weird. But Aaron told me "you're my bro and I can't think of anyone I want standing next to me this time."

The girls are wearing navy blue, and the guys are wearing dove grey. It was a challenge finding a dress -- I shopped mostly online, but because I do not know what size I wear I was reluctant to actually buy something. Also, did not want to buy something without seeing and touching it. So many grey dresses were T-shirt material, and that was unacceptable. I needed a dress-dress.

My girl C and I set out on Saturday and I walked right up to the dress in Macy's, bought it off the rack. It needs alterations, mostly around the bust, but I have an appointment tonight with the seamstress to have it taken in.

I found sparkly silver sandals at a big shoe sale in Newburyport on Sunday. My husband doesn't think they are dressy enough but ... they're my feet. I'm wearing them. It will be a long day.

And ... I need a haircut and a pedicure. All by this weekend.

Saturday is not an option because we have an Eagle ceremony, and for as close as I am with the mom of said Eagle, I will not be missing the set up, ceremony, and take down (well, maybe the take down...)

And we leave on Tuesday. I'm working on Monday. I'm cutting it all rather close.

You all know me -- queen of the procrastinators.  So I'm starting to think about maybe starting to get ready. Hopefully next update I do will be while I'm sitting waiting for my flight.