Sunday, October 25, 2015

Good grief...

I really need to relax. He'll get better at this. I swear he will. I know he will. God please let him get better at diving the car.

He just went to leave to take the dog for a walk at a local park about 5 miles away. He's in love with this new concept of freedom. That's nice. That's all fine and good. Yes.


He almost took Jess's friend Liz's front end off her car trying to back out of the driveway... I had to run out, waving my arms madly and stop him, and reposition the vehicle. Pulling out into the street he didn't accelerate fast enough so I heard a car coming up the road slam skid to a halt behind him.

Jesus, God, so help me.

If I got this kid this far in life and he gets killed pulling out of our own damn driveway I will lose my mind fully and completely.

Where is that Xanax?

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  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Glad he passed the test on the 2nd try. I think Jacob took about 3 times on the written and 3 on the practical. It was so awful. He moved out in April with his girlfriend and 2 other roommates. I was quite distraught, he is in his last year at school. I was worried he wouldn't finish. But so far so good We worry a lot. I guess thats part of bring a parent.