Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Travelin' Man

Doug lost his job in September. We've done pretty well on just my salary but the past couple weeks have been rough. He picked up a contract position and that has him traveling right now. The pay is good but he had to up-front some big travel expenses for the most expensive trip of his collection. We also had about a thousand dollars worth of car work that needed done to both vehicles (after months and months of things running just perfectly).

The contract is great, he likes what he is doing, but he already knows after three weeks that traveling for a living is not for him. He's relieved that it comes to an end, but I'm worried about when it does and he's back to not having work. The job prospects are not cooperating. So many interviews, so little results.

It's funny because I am by myself a lot right now. I talk to the dog a lot.

Doug and I don't talk while he is on the road. I don't really understand people who talk to each other multiple times a day. He texted me last night about a nice restaurant he ate at. He comes back here tonight and tomorrow flies out to Michigan.

I've never been to Michigan.

A nice thing about Doug being on the road is that I can catch up on shows he doesn't like, such as "Supernatural." I think I'm finally in Season 13, and he would so hate watching this. But I'm happy to have the time to myself for these things. I'm hoping to catch up before he's done with his run. I used to have my Tuesday work from home day to myself and I'd play an episode or two in the background while working. But since he's been unemployed he's here, on the couch, in the living room, in my space and in my way.

Our wedding anniversary is coming up and I thought about flying out to connect with him where he'll be - Las Vegas. And then spending the week with him as he goes to Tucson. I can go hang out with my aunt while he works.

But I also want to put that money in the bank so hard so that we can get through July and probably August with just my salary.

We also thought about flying him out to see Aaron as Aaron is working on a boat project and could use the company. Listening to the two of them on the phone was a complete joy. I think it would be nice to send him out to California in the last weeks before Aaron's boat is done, or to Oregon for when the boat gets there.

Fingers crossed for something to pan out for him. Because I'd like to travel too, but we need that money in the bank and not really spent.

The next fun we have scheduled is in August. My sister bought a ton of tickets to see Guster in NYC at Summerstage, so we'll be headed up to that.

That's about all the fun here. Not a lot else to say.