100 useless facts about me

originally written for a meme called "100plus" August, 2002.
Edited/updated/polished but basically unchanged, February 2011
1. My birthday is November 19.

2. I was born in Huntington NY.
3. My mother is from Massachusetts originally and brainwashed me (hee hee) into hating NY and loving Mass. I would lie to people when growing up, saying that I was born in Massachusetts also because I grew to hateNew York so damn much. Apologies to anyone offended by my fib as a middle schooler. It took Sept 11th for me to admit out loud I AM a New Yorker.
4. I moved to Massachusetts at age 17 to go to college. I spent one summer at home, between my freshman and sophomore years. I doubt I'll ever live on Long Island again.
5. Although I wouldn't mind living in the Adirondacks.
6. I majored in English, focusing on Irish Literature and Dramatic Arts.
7. I apply knowledge gleaned from my college years on a daily basis to my life, but none of it has anything to do with Sean O'Casey, Brendan Behan, or any other Irish Poet/Playwright.
8. I had no boyfriend(s) in highschool. Just the painful lyric of Billy Bragg ringing in my head "In the end it took me a dictionary to find out the meaning of 'unrequited.'"
9. I had my first real and official boyfriend in college. He is still a friend of mine.
10. I met my husband when I was 20. I've been with him ever since.
11. I have two children, that was my goal. Only two -- to replace us on earth. Rather than eschew fecundity and allow only stupid people to have babies 5 to 10 per family, I figured keeping the population going with bright, intelligent people would be a good idea. I think all really really smart people should have kids rather than pull this 0 population growth crap. Someone smart has to run the place when all the smart people are dead, right? Right??? C'mon people! You know I'm right. Have a kid. Go for it. One is fine. Raise them bright and strong.
12. I hope as all get out that my kids turn out to be those fully realized bright, intelligent people I want them to be. I hope yours do too now that you're wildly attempting to get yourself or your partner pregnant.
13. I miscarried a baby between the two I have. If that had not happened, I wouldn't have Geoff now.
14. My favorite color is forest green. Dark, lush, verdant green. Green like a dark forest in a Tolkein landscape.
15. I grew up with a cat. I was afraid of dogs my whole life until I met Steve (see #9). He convinced me that playing with dogs was lots of fun. And he was so right.
16. Consequentially, I have three rather large breed dogs in my house today. Thank you Steve!
17. I grew up on Long Island but don't have an accent. I worked on getting rid of it myself for many years, because I thought it sounded uneducated, thuggish and boring. Apologies to NYers with thick, heavy accents.
18. I also think the "Kennedy" accent which runs through most of my current living area smacks uneducated, thuggish, and boring.
19. I am a registered Independent, leaning Libertarian... and a Christian.
20. I don't hate the earth or gays. I embrace both, so relax. You are safe here.
21. I voted for Ron Paul in 1988, in the very first election I was able to vote in. I was living in Oregon. I didn't want Michael Dukakis to be president because I knew his "Massachusetts Miracle" was a total lie.
22. Not sure I'm happy with the state of affairs of the nation at this time, but not quite sure I want to get into it here.
23. I started my journal after reading all of Shelleyness and Lileks in the summer of 2001. It's all her fault, and I'm glad for it.
24. I own a house that is older than America. Built in 1774.
25. I've been to England, Wales, Belgium and Canada for out of USA locales. I want to go to Alaska, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, Japan more than any other destinations on earth. I realize Alaska is not a foreign country, thank you. It just sometimes seems that way because it's like not attached, and Canada is in the way.
26. I was in a great youth group in high school, and was in a bike accident while on a trip with them during the summer of 1983. A few years later another girl was in an accident and was killed. They stopped doing bike trips.
27. My farthest away friends are in Alaska (Tess, Kate) and South Africa (Jen and Alan). My sister currently lives in Florida. My other very close friend Scott lives in Chicago. Aaron and Michelle are in Northern Maine. Without the internet and email... I'd have no friends.
28. I am about 80 lbs heavier than I'd like to be. After Steve broke up with me in 1985, I lost a lot of weight. I got down to about 120lbs. I find that when I'm happy and mentally healthy, I eat. When suicidally depressed, I don't. Hence, if you find me and I'm skinny, get me to therapy fast!
29. My favorite musicians are mostly folk musicians. I enjoy the acoustic singer songwriter thing. Most of my total favorites are male. Bruce Cockburn, James Taylor (older stuff), Jackson Browne (see below), CSNY, Neil Young... Peter Mulvey, Ellis Paul, Jim Infantino, Jon Svetkey. All of my favorite songwriters and vocalists are male. I am also a huge fan of BNL, Guster and Ben Folds.
30. I don't get why Sheryl Crow is so popular. I just don't get it.
31. I am an elder in the Presbyterian church.

32. I need more coffee -- hang on a minute.
33. By the way, I take it with cream or whole milk, no sugar. Slightly medium blonde for color.
34. I started drinking coffee in high school with the cool kids I was trying to hang out with.
35. I learned a lot after graduating high school, that the cool kids were really not interested in being my friends, that I was trying too hard to hang out with the wrong people and I wish I had a way back machine sometimes so I could go back and not be friends with them and hang with the guys I was really supposed to be friends with. The nerds who listened to Yes and Genesis and talked about Star Trek at lunchtime. I didn't hang out with them enough.
36. I didn't go to my senior prom. Instead, I got drunk with my very good friend Rob in Donna's hot tub while it poured down rain and we sang "It's Raining on Prom Night," at the top of our lungs laughing our asses off. Rob was one of the most popular people in school -- class president, member of all the clubs, band demigod... but he didn't go to the prom either and I'm glad for that.
37. Part of me sometimes thinks Rob and I should have gone to the prom together, or that I should have asked that really cute exchange student from Denmark who melted my heart on a daily basis (wonder where he is now?) but... I am so convinced I had more fun that night than anyone who spent a shitload of money on a puffy satin dress and tux rental. I still laugh when I hear that song from Grease.
38. I am a lousy housekeeper. The house is "clean" in the respect that there aren't roaches or scary rats running around, and there isn't mold growing on dishes. The trash is always taken out, and the laundry is always done. It's just cluttery. We don't throw out junk mail regularly (it builds up). I hate mopping floors. Washed laundry doesn't get put away, it just gets folded and placed in the respective person's bedroom.
39. I am a big fan of Monty Python and many other britcoms.
40. I don't like "Everybody Loves Raymond..." except for Peter Boyle. He's awesome. Too bad he is in that show.
41. I love the Simpsons, South Park, Seinfeld, Law & Order, Homicide: Life on the Streets for TV shows.
42. The Real World is an admittedly guilty pleasure of mine.
43. I don't watch Survivor, Big Brother, or any of those other reality shows. They bore me.
44. My favorite movie of all time, ever... "Raising Arizona." Oh, and "Office Space" is a very, very close second.
45. Raising Arizona is the only Nicholas Cage movie I like.
46. I have a weird resume. Six years ago I was doing secretarial/office support work. Then I talked my way into an administrative position as the help desk director at a college, then I talked my way into being the webmaster even though I'd never designed a website. I am not sure how I do it -- but when I interview I talk my way into the job.
47. My old roommate Bonnie and I often speak to each other and wonder when the world is just going to recognize we are both total frauds.
48. That's a lie -- I do have low self esteem/self worth. I work hard at whatever I do, and do a great job of it... so no one has been sorry to date that they've hired me. I always leave a job with the company better for having had me there. I think.
49. I love football. Sundays from September to January are totally lost at our house.
50. My favorite team is the Patriots. Thanks to my mom brainwashing me against NY teams growing up (see #3). My husband is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and I've grown to love them as well. I cringe when they face off against one another.
51. This is harder than I thought it was going to be. Damn. I'm halfway there and still have to fill in the blanks. Holy cow.
52. I swear too much, which is why I put "Holy cow" there instead of "Fuck!" I am trying hard to not swear like a sailor. I think the english language is colorful enough when used properly that words such as shit and fuck in their many forms don't NEED to be used.
53. But... I still use them too much.
54. I read every night before I go to sleep. I find it important to have that time between running around doing stuff all day and being with the family to have time to keep my brain from turning to mush the second it hits the pillow.
55. Currently reading: "Miss Wyoming" by Douglas Coupland.
56. I often pick up a book by an author and then read everything he or she writes all at once. I'm not sure why. Recent authors I've done this with are: P.G. Wodehouse, J.R.R. Tolkein, Michael Chabon, David James Duncan, Peter Jenkins. Perhaps that's residual college mentality where I had to write a lot about several works by the same author, comparing them/contrasting them. In my mind I'm building a life critique of the authors work. This is my third Coupland book.
57. I enjoyed "Microserfs" greatly and highly. I read it first and liked it best. I hope that will not be the case for the rest of the books he's written.
58. Microserfs will make a fabulous movie if they do it right. I hate it when they take a book and wreck it completely to put it up on the big screen. Case in point -- High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. I loved that book, hated the movie. Also -- Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. Who wrote that goddamn screenplay? Ugh.
59. I hate the need Hollywood has to put a happy ending on everything. I think A.I. would have been a fabulous movie if they'd left it 1/2 hour before they did. Other people told me that I just don't "get it," the ending that is. But I do. It sucked.
60. I wear a size 10 women's shoe. When I wear shoes. I much rather prefer bare feet.
61. I still miss the little pair of black elf boots I had in highschool and college. They were suede, and the heels finally wore out. I wore them even when the back split on one of them.
62. I once found a pair of men's size 8 docksiders one night while drinking on a beach in Huntington Bay (with many friends, including my friend Rob, see #36) that had washed up. They fit me. I kept them. I had them for five years. Good quality docksiders!
63. Fall is my favorite season.
64. I go barefoot as long as I can... usually until mid October. When going to the basement to do the laundry without shoes on becomes painful due to the cold earth.
65. I wish I had a ton of money so I could affect many changes on the layout of my house. We don't have an interior staircase to the basement so doing laundry is a bitch.
66. I have never broken a bone.
67. I've never smoked. Cigarettes or otherwise. Ever. I find that hard to believe, too.
68. My only real "vice" is I like beer. And food. And beer and food together. I enjoy eating out, with friends.
69. This is my sister's favorite number. Not because of anything sexual, ya perv! It was the year she was born. And I do think she likes it for the ... sex thing. Bwa! Snarf!
70. Number 68 scares me sometimes because I'm the daughter of an alcoholic, who is one omany many alcoholics in his family. The irish blessing, I guess. So I'm very aware, and very careful when it comes to drink.
71. I am currently unemployed. I was laid off in January 2002.
72. I love my old boss. She was the best person I've ever worked for.
73. I have a 2nd interview for a job I'd really love coming up. Let's see if I can talk my way into it.
74. I know every word to every Barenaked Ladies song.
75. I fear becoming my mother. She's got a temper (yes you do. You do! Shadddaapppp! You DO!) So I watch myself carefully when dealing with others. My sister and I joke around when we tell each other stories saying that something we did at the time was "A Shirley Moment," or "you sound just like Ma." Shudder.
76. As much as I pick on her, I love my mother dearly. She's frigging hysterical, and instilled a lot of values in me that I cherish today.
77. I think it is a parent's goal in life to make life better for their kids than they had it themselves. My parents did a good job. And Doug's did too. We've got a lot to do to push our kids over the top if that is truly my expectation.
78. I cried when Kurt Cobain killed himself. Not because I thought he was some sort of rock god and I loved him, but because he was a chicken and he left behind a baby girl very close in age to my first born. And it pissed me off that someone would do that.
79. I cried when Sid Vicious died. I was very young and I remember sitting on the floor with a Time Magazine that had his picture in it and he had on a button that said simply "I am a mess." I had no idea who he was, but after reading his story I just felt so bad that someone would have such a shitty life and declare himself to be such a mess. Where was the hope for this guy, and others.
80. Note that both Vicious and Cobain had heroin addictions which contributed greatly to their respective demises.
81. I lost my best friend to heroin in April 2002. I cried 100 times harder than I did for either Vicious or Cobain.
82. I have no idea how I didn't end up in some sort of mental health vocation helping people like ... Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain, or Clayton. Instead, I ended up a web designer.
83. The only hobbies I have are keeping this journal and Geocaching.
84. If you don't know what geocaching is, click here.
85. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a novelist or a high school English teacher.
86. I also really loved Jackson Browne back then, so that says a lot about how stupid one can be as a youth. Well, I still love Jackson Browne, everything before "Lawyers in Love." What was he thinking!
87. I've only been to two major league sporting events. One was a Yankee/Red Sox game in Yankee stadium, my parents took me. I insisted on wearing my Red Sox hat and I think my parents were convinced we were going to die. The other was a Red Sox game against Kansas City when Bo Jackson played for him. God, is he beautiful. Anyway... I've never been to a Patriots Game.
88. I used to be blonde. Naturally. As I've aged, I've gone from blonde, to dark blonde, to brown to reddish brown to some sort of ... crappy brownish thing filled with grey.
89. I used to get my hair permed a lot in the 80s and early 90s.
90. The last perm I had was 9 years ago when Jessica was very small. My mom paid for it.
91. I am toying with the idea of getting another perm.
92. Jebus, I'm almost done!
93. I love Canada. Really I do. My favorite music (BNL, Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn... Rush!) and where I went on my honeymoon. I'd like to see more of Canada.
94. I enjoy camping. Greatly. But car camping -- not the hike 90 miles into the middle of God's Country and carry all your provisions with you. Car camping with children is the best way to go. For hiking, I like to go somewhere that you can hike in and hike out in the same day. I just feel... safer that way. There are a lot of crazy motherfuckers in the woods.
95. The longest camping trip I ever went on was in 1988 when I was in school in Oregon. We took a 3 day camping trip into the Three Sisters wilderness. It was painful. I should have trained for it.
96. Because of my lameness at that trip, we currently try and get our kids out as much as possible. Not just for our own health, but theirs. Like I said -- it's a parent's goal in life to make life for their kids better. I think I'm failing at that because Jessica hates when we make her go hiking and while she loves nature and animals and science, she hates walking out into it. It bothers me.
97. I've never had a professional manicure. I don't want one either. I don't get it -- why do women spend so much damn money on their fingernails. Ugh.
98. I've had one body massage, while on the topic of pampering. It was a baby shower gift from Bonnie. After Jessie was born I had a full hour massage and was the happiest gal alive.
99. I still am the happiest gal alive.
100. Especially now that I'm done. Thanks for reading. If you found me at all interesting, read the whole journal. There are funny pictures, stories about very large pairs of underpants, sad stories about lost babies and almost lost babies, great stories about my ridiculous kids. And I'm glad you're here to read. Stay. Thanks again.