Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wherein your humble narrator decides it is time to take on Bank of America

I may have mentioned this once or twice in the past two years, but right now I'm putting this in the blog in hopes that if someone does a search on the topic, and they're in a similar situation, they'll find this and know that they are not alone. Or... that someone who works at Bank of America finds it, and they know how much I think they stink. On ice.

The backstory is that in November 2008 I submitted a request to Countrywide, my mortgage holder, to do a home loan re-modification with them. They responded immediately, and had me fill out a bunch of stuff, get it notarized, and submit it. I received documentation saying that I was all set to start paying the new payments, for February 2009. I will not outline the details of the modification, the terms as it were, and the new payment amount on my mortgage. Suffice to say, it was reduced to a really comfortable level, and it was even a little lower than it needed to be, so I started making my payments for February 2009.

Bank of America bought Countrywide, and my loan. And this is where the fun begins.

In March, I got my statement, and the new terms were not on the statement. So I called them. "Oh Mrs. G, these things sometimes take a month to show up in the system. Just keep making your adjusted payment. No Worries."

Okay, BOA employee. I will!

April came, same thing. I called, and they told me something different. "Well, it looks like here that a supervisor did not finalize your modification. I will escalate this to a supervisor to have it fixed. You'll see the change in next month's statement. Just make your adjusted payment."

May came, same thing. I called and the man told me "you were never approved. Your form is null and void because the notary wrote on your document in a space other than what she should have."

"Um, maybe someone should have told me that a couple months ago?" I said to the dude. I had a copy of the document at my desk, and I looked at it. My notary had signed the document, and at the end of her signature she put the date that her notary license expired.

"How does this nullify the document?" I asked the dude. He told me that the signature was all that was needed. By writing her license expiration date, she voided the document. He said that her notary embosser stamp is supposed to have the date on it. I told him that was ridiculous and was going to call the notary to ask her why she did it.

"It is required," she told me. "I have to put down when my notary expires. I've had the same seal embosser for 25 years. It doesn't have the date that the notary expires on it. If it did, I'd have to get a new one every time it expires. So there is supposed to be a line on the form that says what the date of my expiration is, and there was no such line on this form, so I always write it at the end of my signature. They are full of crap."

I called back, talked to a new person who said "No, the notary didn't do anything wrong... you're all set. These things take time. There are millions of people who are in the process of this re-modification, so just please be patient. It will all work out okay."

At this point, it sounds to me like no one over there has any clue at all what they are doing. No one knows the details, no one knows the why/who/whatever. And now I am getting the feeling that they are making it up as they go along.

June, same thing. Only this time the girl tells me that someone didn't "finalize" my modification. So she was escalating it to her manager and someone would call me back. No one ever called me back.

So month after month this goes on. I got a Fedex Packet in the mail offering me enrollment in the Making Home Affordable plan. Now, I'm already in the plan. But they're sending me more enrollment paperwork. I called and asked what the deal was. The girl seemed confused -- read all the notes on my account back to 2008.

"I'm already in the plan, right?"
"So I don't need this plan that you're sending me, because I'm already in the plan."
"So what you're telling me is that you are declining enrollment in the plan at this time."
"Not the original plan but in this packet that you're sending me now."

I got another FedEx letter a couple days later informing me that I've declined the plan. I called up and said "Just so we're clear on this, I declined the packet that was sent to me this week, because I'm on the plan already. I'm not declining the plan, version 1.0. I declined the offer of the plan, version 2.0. I'm in the plan."


"So when are you people going to make it so that I'm in the plan and it shows on the website and the terms and conditions and whatnot are all set?"

"These things take time..."


Month after month after month this went on. A year passes. Another summer. More phone calls. In August I called while my mother was sitting at the dining table and she got to listen to me go through the song and dance of the dog and pony show yet again. The girl assured me that the systems were almost all caught up and my September statement would be reflecting the correct terms and conditions.

No. She lied.

September, October, November 2010 pass. I gave up calling after September. Screw them. I'm done. I'll just send in my payment until they contact me.

Well, they contacted me yesterday.

"Mrs. G, you are six months past due for a total of $16,000 plus. We are activating accelerated foreclosure on you at this time."

Oh hell to the mother effing no you are not.

I lost my shit with this kid. I absolutely lost it with him. I told him to go through and read every blessed word on my account. I told him how my payments were supposed to be a certain amount over a new term, and I always send in 200 dollars MORE than I need to. By my calculations, I am paid ahead by at least a month at this point. I told him I wanted his manager, that person's supervisor, or the CEO of the stupid bank on the phone right then and there or the end of the universe would be instigated.

"I have been so patient with you people. Right now is the day when MY ass comes down there to kick YOUR ass. Not yours personally, but you know what I mean."

He ended up transferring me to his supervisor. And I was promptly disconnected.

I called back, I got a lady on the phone who could not even find my account. I got disconnected. I called back. I got a different lady, who ended up sending me to the Modification department to talk to them. The guy I talked to said that when I declined that second offer for the re-modification, I canceled my re-modification that was put into play for early 2009.

"How is that possible?" I asked, exhausted and frustrated at this point. "My mortgage statement says "you are in the Making Home Affordable plan" and your website says "You are in the Making Home Affordable plan. How on earth was it canceled when your documentation says it is not?

He basically tells me that I need to reapply. That I am not in the program.

"So, you want me to reapply to a plan that I'm supposed to be in, that I got an offer to apply for after getting in the program, and you say that when I declined the second offer I got kicked out of the first."


"Fine. Whatever. Whatever it takes, send me the damn paperwork." At this point, I'll do anything.

Doug got home last night and said "We're not reapplying for anything. We're calling a lawyer."

We have a meeting scheduled Monday afternoon with a local lawyer. I talked to his office this morning and they are going to help us the best they can. Which hopefully will be to:

a) get my loan put into the terms we want it in, the one from the re-modification, that should have been instituted February 2009
b) get our credit bureau history cleaned up
c) sue them for damages. Normally, I wouldn't care and would only want points a and b satisfied, but I actually want monetary compensation for the amount of time, the stress, the aggravation, and the overall satisfaction of them ruining two years of my life.

How have they ruined two years of my life?

a) stressing the hell out of me month after month.
b) by ruining my credit rating, I could not apply for student loans for Jessica to go to college. I had to ask my in-laws to co-sign on the loan for her. It was either that or tell her "Honey, you ain't going to school."
c) three of my credit cards were closed by the issuers, even though I had little or no balance with them. Closed them outright. I asked them why and they said "Bank of America is reporting you as six months past due..." So, thank you. I can't apply for more credit, I can't buy a new couch (which I need) from anyone. I can't do anything.

They have ruined everything for me.

Now, hindsight being 20/20, I never ever ever should have entered into this program. Or, I should have not listened to the BOA employees who told me to pay the lower amount. I should have paid the original mortgage amount. Two years later, it wouldn't be two years later, I would have found someone to remortgage with, and get away from BOA. I knew the minute that they bought my mortgage that things were going to suck and lo and behold, my instincts were right.

On top of all this, I got another call from BOA this afternoon informing me that I was past due and foreclosure was imminent. The guy I talked to got to hear the whole story again, and I told him I want a printout of everything on my account. Every call, every word, every everything. If I need a court order, I'll get one. I told him I'm suing BOA. I told him that I won't be talking to them again, that I won't pick up the phone, that I will be turning everything over to my lawyer.

I then told him that the modification department guy told me I have to re-apply.

"No you don't," he said. "You are in the program. It says right here..."

So again, evidence that no one at BOA knows an ass from an elbow. The kid told me not to re-apply again, that I am in the program. I told him I was just going to have my lawyer handle it from here-on-in. Done.

I'm done.

And, at this point, as much as I love this house, as much as I love it here, they can have it. They can have the damn thing I do not care anymore. I hate everything and everyone. I feel like the fight has gone out of me, that I'm just over it. Whatever. I'll start packing now.

Doug is ready to rain hellfire on people, so I'll be happy to let him and I'll take a step back. But right now, I guess I owe myself a thanks for even thinking for a remote second that a government program was going to help me. Making Home Affordable has made home ruined. I'm done.


  1. Yeah, I guess I'm wondering where Doug has been in all this (sounds like you've been left to deal with it on your own), and also, please contact about this. This is *what they do* and they can make things happen. In fact, just copy this to them. I will email you the email address of the guy I spoke to there. Contact him directly. Do not underestimate them. You deserve a resolution, like, a year ago.

  2. Saw your blog linked from Universal Hub. This sucks!! I have been referring to Bank of America as Satan's Bank for years, and I feel your pain. They do not know their ass from their elbow, and I have been through it with them on a couple different situations after they got my loan from Countrywide.

    Either you or your lawyer should report this to the state banking commissioner, and you should mention that to the next person you talk to at BoA. The government is supposed to be holding these lenders accountable.

  3. thanks melanie -- thanks for visiting and leaving a comment too. i'm glad to know i'm not the only person who has had an unsatisfactory experience with them.

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Well, Well, Well. I hear you loud and clear Miss. I say you stay in the battle until the situation is addressed on your terms, the original Countrywide terms. It's not your fault that when BOA bought Countrywide they couldn't two get their systems in sync. BOA should first of all know better and addressed the situation from the get go. Hello wake up BOA. I don't know if you are aware but BOA and the gentleman from Wikkileaks, put it like this it's not going to look pretty for BOA in the near future and through research on this topic BOA has a war room ready to challenge all materials he releases. Google BOA and Assange, do read. Classic story of greed over real customer service. Maybe try Mt. Washington Bank, don't know if they can remodify but I know from listening to Mr. City Councilor At Large Felix Arroyo they want to invest in the community meaning Boston. Good luck and please do not go away quietly. Viva the Press!!! Peace!

  5. Anonymous9:35 PM

    kill them all

  6. Fight the good fight and give them hell. You are just a line item to them, show them what happens when it turns into a human.

    I hate these corrupt banks

  7. Jackie10:27 PM

    Saw your blog linked from Universal Hub - this is horrifying. My husband and I had some issues with Citizens a couple of years ago, but nothing like this. Good luck in your fight.

  8. Anonymous11:44 PM

    I also come via Universal Hub.

    I volunteer as a financial coach and steer people into and out of the "Making Home Affordable" program often. Unfortunately this is all too common. NACA has walk-in clincs every six months in major cities that also supposedly do the same thing if you come with your documents prepared, but I think that they wouldn't touch this case with a ten-foot pole.

    I switched my own personal accounts to a local bank that underwrites and services mortgages in-house and promises never to securitize any of them. Granted they have been in business since the 1860s, and they are old-fashioned, AND I get ridiculed by some friends when I need to take a walk a few blocks from my work to go to an ATM or branch BUT it sure beats being out of the system of giant corporations.

    I would really, really recommend reporting this story to the website as a way to get some attention on this matter. It can't hurt at this point.

  9. Actually, the Notary was wrong. They need to get their seal replaced every time their commission is renewed and the seal must display their commission expiration date (as well as the seal of the Commonwealth) per State Law (if it was notarized by a MA Notary or Justice of the Peace), however that does not void the notarization, as long as their commission was valid at the time (it may cause a little bit of trouble for the notary, should someone file a complaint). Massachusetts law gives a lot of leeway if the notary (or JP) acted in good faith, regardless of wether their stamp (or ink color -which must be black), jurat language, etc conforms with the prescribed regulations.

  10. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Hey... Ummm... I'm from UHub and I was reading the Consumerist...

  11. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Hey Anonymous... which local bank is that?

  12. Anonymous8:37 AM

    When Republicans I know say foreclosures were no one's fault but the homeowners'... well.

    So sorry about what you're going through. Once this all gets sorted out, I'd definitely recommend a local bank - I'm sure they're not perfect, but I've banked locally for 10 years and have never had an issue.

  13. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I need to post anonymously, which I have never done before in my life. Reason is that Bank Of America is a client of the firm for which I work, and I have no desire to lose either their business or my job.

    Having said that, let me tell you that nothing you say surprises me. While I can't say that anyone we deal with there has been anything other than friendly, they are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier. They consistently order things from us again that they ordered just days before, and these repetitions put thousands into our coffers. Knowing how they handle money in purchases of this sort, I would no more trust them with my finances than I would trust Lorena Bobbitt with my dick.

  14. Jop--Maybe it's a state thing, but in my state I do not need a new seal every time I renew my notary. You can write your expiration date on the document or get a rubber stamp, either way is fine.

  15. Wow, that's a terrible story. I'm so sorry. But thank you for sharing your story. More people need to hear this sort of horror story to wake up DC to what's happening in the trenches versus what the lobbyists are telling them is going on.

    Most, if not nearly all, of the population really has any clue how much of a stranglehold the Too Big To Fail banks hold on the everyday consumer. Let's hope your legal team can bring some comfort, and restitution.

  16. I worked for a third party company that handled a lot of BOA escrow accounts and the horror stories I heard from these customers from the modification department was horrendous. Horrible. Down right ridiculous.

  17. Katie2:14 PM

    Classic Bank of America. I'm an attorney in NY who has a few foreclosure clients. The ones that don't have Bank of America sail right through the HAMP modification process. We finally got one through underwriting after TWO YEARS of writing to the bank, their attorneys, and cc-ing the judges on everything. They never, ever wrote back to us. Their per diem that showed up at the conferences in Court yelled at them, too.

    It's absolutely ridiculous and a sick, sad shame. I'm sorry this happened to you and am glad to hear you've lawyered up. That is, unfortunately, the best way to go.

  18. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I'm another Universal Hub reader, and quite sorry to hear what you're going through. I agree with those who say to alert, but I think you should also contact Barney Frank's office and bring them up to speed on this. Whatever you may think of his politics, he needs to be made aware of the extent of the incompetence and inhumanity of BoA.

  19. Thankfully I've never had a mortgage with BOA, but I've dealt with their incompetence and downright lies on two occasions. I hope you grind them into mush.

  20. Anonymous4:19 PM

    BoA is useless! Make them pay. I have had the displeasure of having to deal with them when I had fraud happen with my banking accounts. They completely ruined my credit. 5 years later I am still trying to fix the mess. Good luck, you will need it.

  21. Anonymous4:52 PM

    The exact same thing happened to me. Almost to the word. Amazing.

  22. thanks everyone. first of all, i'm kind of relieved that i'm not insane because some of your comments make me feel doug and i are not alone.

    one of the things that was asked on the posting on (Amy and a few others suggested i notify them of this story and they ran it) was why don't i have anything in writing.

    a) I do have emails and letters. the responses to my letters basically say "we are sorry you are experiencing this problem. we're trying to fix it." so i didn't include that in my narrative.

    b) all my phone calls ARE recorded. I have notes and dates, and THEY have the records too. each time a customer calls in, the account is notated. How do I know this? the people I talk to have to take 10 minutes (sometimes) to read back through the notes/events on my account. And they say things like "well, in June you called and..." or "right here it says that..."

    So they DO have a record of the phonecalls in addition to the letters I've sent.

    I have ASKED FOR A TRANSCRIPT of their end of the discussions. the guy I talked to last said that I may need a court order to obtain them.

  23. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Girl - I work for them!!! In the Home Load Mod Department! They are a bunch of thieving crooks and they are completely without morals or ethics. I am quitting at the end of the year. I just cannot take their underhanded criminality any longer! I hope they go under! GOOD LUCK AND I PRAY YOU WIN!!!

  24. Hi Christine, If Bank of America are threatening foreclosure, please don't leave your house without someone in it, not even for just a weekend. You may already have heard this awful story, but from everything I've heard about these guys, I wouldn't trust them not to make you one of their foreclosure burglaries - especially, of course, if that meant all your records got, well, "accidentally" removed with all your other stuff.

    This is systematic, serious fraud - it worries me that just as a bank can be "too big to fail", so a series of crimes can be "too big to prosecute". You've got everything documented and have warned BoA that they're going to get sued - it would surprise me if they didn't try to just get a foreclosure team in to take everything.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  25. Anonymous9:31 PM

    BOA allow Comcast and other companies to steal from your account directly with billing errors, then lie straight to your face that they can't look back the couple of months you were on the horn with Comcast, even though by law BOA has to keep your records for you for at least 5 years. Been there, done that, lost some money; Comcast and BOA seem to use the same customer service company.

  26. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Oh, my gosh, I am sorry that you are going through this. I worked in the Loss Mitigation Department of a smaller bank that was bought by BOA and it was immediately apparent that either a)they are a bunch of complete morons in the Loss Mitigation department, or b) they are purposely deceitful crooks. In the 10 years since I left, I'm leaning further and further towards b.

    Stick it to 'em!

  27. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Keep us posted on how this is going, and good luck to you. I've hated these bastards for years now, and that was only in the context of them fucking around with my checking account. Go for the throat and don't back down. You also might try writing a nuclear letter (not email, actual paper letter - send it certified to try to get their attention) to the VP of customer service or whoever, sometimes with large companies that's enough to shake them up and make them notice *you* (it worked for me with Dell). Good on you for standing up for yourself.

  28. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Wow. I am shocked to hear this story. I haven't had bad experiences with BofA as a checking/savings account customer, but now I"m tempted to move our money out of there...

  29. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Chris, you're definitely NOT alone! I'm right behind you - literally. I have an appointment with my lawyer next week. BOA has been putting me through exactly the same sort of dehumanizin treatment they've been giving you.

    BOA has been harrassing me for two years. I've been under incredible stress and have developed a cardiac condition. I've lost business opportunities while I tried to get BOA to stop lying to me and do the right thing. They've tried to force me into not one, but THREE different government programs, although I told them I wanted NOTHING to do with anything the government runs. Just look at Social Security, the "Stimulus package," and other government cluster f***s. They've sent anonymous snoopers onto my property to make sure the place is occupied and not being trashed. In fact, I've poured quite a bit of cash into home improvements and decorating. One weird snoop frightened me and a friend half to death and we called the police, to whom we gave a full report.

    Now they're threatening foreclosure, even though I'm current. I intend to get this financial SNAFU sorted. I haven't been able to do it alone, and now I'm handing it over to my attorney, who is better qualified than I in training and temperament to take on these morons.

    I'm thinking about damages, too, since they've been making my life miserable for two years and have caused not only unbearable stress but loss of business and time with loved ones.

    BOA can't be allowed to get away with this treatment -- possibly illegal -- of decent, law-abiding, responsible American citizens. IMHO, they're violating our constitutional private property rights.

    You go, girl!

    --Jan in New York State

  30. thank you again everyone... thank you jan - and i'm so sorry that you've had such a hard time.

    we had our meeting with our lawyer tonight and now i feel better, more hopeful than i've felt in literally months...

    "it begins."

  31. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Oh boy... I'm really sorry for you and your family. This was my worst fear about BofA!

    Just completed the three month trial period in the MHA program. We are beginning month five. Been calling monthly just like you have and none of the calls have inspired confidence. But I totally get what you mean about the log they keep of all the contacts with them.

    I found out about this post on a link from

    Please, please, please keep posting your progress on this!

  32. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Hey I know how you feel. we have already gotton a letter from BOA saying we were to start making our loan modification payments in May of 2010. which we did. after speaking with numerous agents at BOA they keep saying we are still in bankruptcy and cannot talk to us. Even after sending copies from our bankruptcy firm and lawyer showing that we were not in bankruptcy, the one phone call we did get back was from a lady who old us to keep making our new payments,which we have done since may of 2010, and that everything would be straightened up eventually. but we are still receiving our regular statements with our old payments Plus late fees and threats that they can refuse our partical payments and send our money back or forclose on us. we decided to get a lawyer to get this thing straightened out. they even tried to say we haven't made a payment since before august. so I go to the bank to get copies of all the ckecks I had mailed in showing where they had cashed them. after sending them to BOA lawyers they said they would have to check it out. the lawyer demands a jury trial on this issue, but hey I am ready for anything. these people are causing so much mental aggravation and stress , can't sleep , can't think, problems with spouse, it is just crazy...don't know how it will turn out..I am just praying for the best. and best wishes to you too...

  33. I wish I didn't set this up for anonymous comments. Not because I'm getting crappy comments, but because I would love to just call each of you who have shown support or solidarity with us by your names and thank you.

  34. Hey We are going through the same thing. We would have never applied for this modification. It seems they are leading us into a slaughter where they will be capitalizing on the foreclosures of our homes. It is all strategic mind you. The excuses that I have heard, incredulous! Lost paperwork, which we have sent SEVERAL TIMES. Default on payments ..NEVER HAPPENED! WE told several times of our income and would you believe they still haven't corrected or amended the paperwork. I believe this is all INTENTIONAL. We speak to one representative, and then another one calls on the same day that they have not spoken to us and the answer was...IT WAS NOT DOCUMENTED! What the heck are these people doing messing with the lives of honest responsible folks. They record our conversations, but i know they can conveniently NOT FIND THEM. I will be recording all conversation from now on and they will be forewarned! I will no longer submit myself to this kind of corporate abuse. I have contacted the Attorney General to begin taking action against this Goliath. I need more BOA victims to join the sound of the people. I am generally a quiet passive person, but this is pure injustice that is going on here. I pray that our government is not sanctioning such bad business. We are calling our lawyers today fro we refuse to deal with BOA any longer. THEY ARE SCAMMING THE PEOPLE!

    I was broken hearted that BOA took the home of a beautiful elderly couple in my neighborhood, for God sake, they are in their late 70's!HEARTLESS CORPORATIONS! My husbands' co-worker BOA already foreclosing on his home....another co-worker they began proceeding towards taking his home, the poor man had a heart attack because of the stress. They did everything right, they are responsible hard working peers...We as a people need to speak up and confront this oppressive financial Giant..

    Below the web address for the Attorney General

  35. Anonymous12:47 PM

    If the people take action - contact their senators, compile class action cases, sign petitions, close down all their accounts with this bank and show a united front against BoA, you will see results. It's up to Americans to claim back their homes... don't be a victim, take a stand and beat them. Individually, all are helpless against these 'Goliaths' - together, you stand strong.

  36. Thank you anonymous!

  37. Anonymous10:47 AM

    WOW....Sounds like my nightmare. I have been doing this since 4/2009. My husband and I seen that our Contracting business was not going well due to the market, We called Bof A and they said you qualify for HAMP and need to be 3 payments behind (firt mistake of ours). Every mont we called, BofA stated we have not been given instruction for HAMP by governement. Finally in 9/2009 they asked us to send in a second set financials. We did. In 2/2010 we received a online letter stating we have been approved and would be receiving our new package. It was time sensitive and needed returned in 10 days. Please do not respond until 4/2010. April came and went no workout was sent. Called they said be patience lol. May I received a new packet stating this was a better program. They had cancelled the other workout with no NOTICE to me. Then I received a foreclosure letter stating my sale date was 10/2010. The moratorium happened, sale date then changed to 11/2010 then 1/2011 We filed BK due to the business going under(12/2010)Then the sale date was 2/2011, then 3/2011 now 4/2011. Normally when you file BK they try to lift the stay....I was ready for the fight because in AZ we are non-judicial and considered private sale and we have no courts backing us to file a suit. Guess what, they never tried to lift the stay. I beleive the fraudualent docs for the foreclosure is why. They didn't want the courts to make them prove they even own the loan. I am an original Countrywide customer. This has been my nightmare for 2 years and I am still here. I would love to know who your attorney is. I would like o obtain one if they can do anything at all to help us save our home. I have applied for the HAMP program 6 times now. I also beleive the banks try to burn you out on the run around so that you give up. I refuse! I will fight until the sheriff shows up!

  38. Anonymous1:25 PM

    same stuff since Jan of 2010 run aROUND tired of it all

  39. Anonymous8:42 PM

    same exact story for us. After 2 years, they finally put us in a trial modification for 3 months (the second time...because they couldn't decide whether or not to modify after we completed the first trial). We just finished our second 3 month trial modification on June 1. June 2, BoA filed foreclosure with the courts here. We have made the payments every single month that they told us to make. They refused our payments for 3 months this year - literally sent our payments back to our bank. I think they did it so that we actually now are 3 months behind legally - and now they can foreclose. They have really destroyed our lives, our credit. If you google us, it pops up right away that our house is in foreclosure. Tell me, who wants to hire someone who has 2 years of negative credit reporting from BoA, and now a foreclosure? We are just praying - praying to God, that my husband's job does not pull our credit for an annual review.

  40. Anonymous6:42 PM

    My wife and I are going through this now and dont know what to do,....HELP!

  41. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Can I please give you mt mumber so we can talk?

  42. you can email me at
    not sure where you live, but getting a good lawyer will have to be your first start.

  43. Anonymous8:13 AM

    go get um. im so glad someone is going forward. my husband and i went to a boa outreach program in chicago last february-met with an underwriter on the spot -told we were placed on a forbearance program and to stop making our payments. well guess what they lied to us and now we are really upside down on payments. my husband and i are not the smartest tacks in the box but we both heard the same thing that day. stop making payments reapply in july and move forward. im so upset have made thousands of calls to them no one knows what the hell is going on there! they are the ones who put us in forclosure!!!! i would have found the money to stay current somehow!!!!