Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Back to the old grind...

Back at work. Back at the Grind. A long weekend does something to my spirit. Coming in on a Tuesday after a long weekend is harder than coming in on a Monday. I feel like the energy I saved up by being at home suddenly gets drained from my being when the alarm goes off, and I am in a far deeper hole than I would have been. Coming in on a Monday after having a Friday off doesn't do this to me. Perhaps all holidays should be moved to the Friday before the weekend. That way Mondays can continue to suck ass and Fridays can become super special. I don't know. I'm talking out the side of my butt now. Ignore me.

Really now. The weekend was fun. A&M got to our pad on Friday night. We polished off a 12 box of Sam Adams, I didn't buy more than that and was chastised for it, but I figured, rightly so, that we'd drink over 30 beers if the supply wasn't going to run out, so 12 would suffice and we'd be able to wake up in the morning without feeling like the bottom of a hiking boot that just did the Appalachian trail.

Saturday we went over to Salisbury Beach. It was cold, and windy, but the kids, the dogs and the grownups all had a nice time. Michelle and I then went to the grocery store, bought a shitload of grillables, being the hunter-gatherers that we are, and we grilled and feasted and enjoyed thoroughly. We bought lots and lots and lots of beer, and some wine, and some Hornsby's Cidah, so we got our drunk on and much merriment ensued.

Sunday we didn't do a damn blasted thing but play in the yard and talk about doing something. That was kind of a let down, because there were so many opportunities, but they never took shape. Michelle and I did take a field trip to Walmart and Staples cause we needed some stuff.

Monday was much more productive. We got our shit together in the early afternoon, keeping in mind that the A&M unit had a 4 or more hour drive ahead of themselves to get home that afternoon, and we went for a nice walk in the woods at a local state forest. Kinger got to swim, and Gonzo, their dog, barked a lot at him cause he's a chickenshit and doesn't like to swim.

We'd hoped some doggie peer pressure would get him going. That's how Missy and Kinger both learned how to swim -- they were with expert doggie swimmers and couldn't cope with the fact the other dogs were out there in the water. Dogs are so damn funny. But Gonzo just said no to the swim drug and waited for Kinger to get close enough to the water's edge to steal whatever hefty assed stick we'd chucked out into the pond for him to retrieve. He swam a whole bunch, and we walked a whole bunch. We should really do this more often.

Then, we brought the dogs home, dropped them off, and went out to eat. We tried to go to this asskicking Mexican joint in Haverhill, MA called "Pedro Diego's" (best fucking wings around, dude), but they are closed on Monday. Two other restaurants right in that main drag were closed -- for good! Big "For Sale" signs hanging in the windows were kind of a dead giveaway. So we ended up going up to Pizzaria Uno, even though Doug isn't a big fan. We were there really early -- long before the crowd (there is usually a 1/2 hour wait for a booth there, which pisses Doug off to no end). The waiter accidentally put three pizzas in our order when we only wanted two. He sent the extra back to the kitchen and we talked about it and decided what the fuck --- it's pizza. It'll get eaten if we bring it home. So we asked him to wrap that shit up post haste! He'd already removed it from our order, so he told us it was free.

That's some sweet stuff there, baby!

We left him, shall we say, an rather huge tip. The whole bill came to 80 bucks, we left 25 for a tip. Seeing as most people usually leave 10%, maybe 15% around here, he got a pantload of money as thanks for his error.

It is sitting in our fridge, waiting for me to come home right now. But here I am... blogging.

A&M got their dog and took off, it being after 5pm and they had wanted to get on the road by 4. We'd heard in the car that there was an accident on I-95 at about 3pm so we told them to just take it easy and not get on the road just yet... they listened. We ate. We had fun. It was a damn good time.

I miss them already. I hate that my best friends are more than one hour away and you can't just say "Hey, come over for dinner." Not that we really did that when they lived in the area... we didn't see a lot of them then due to Aaron's screwy schedule at work. He worked a bunch of nights, a bunch of weekends, Doug was in Graduate School... it just didn't click when they were here. But we've seen more of them in the last year than we have in years prior. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

This afternoon I was sitting at my desk and one of my coworkers came by to ask me if I wanted anything from Dunkin Donuts. Our coffee machine is busted, so she was desperate and didn't want to wander around the building looking for some joe. I love her. I love her with all my heart and soul.

There is NOTHING nicer than someone doing some nice shit like that for you when they don't have to. I wrote about Steve and the M&M gift. This is the same. I paid for my coffee -- so it wasn't a gift in that sense, but the sheer FACT that someone offered to pick me up some hot caffeine makes the world look like a better place.

I think on the way to work tomorrow I'm gonna stop and buy bagels for everyone. Karma -- it's a beautiful thing. It renews my sense that there is good in the world.

Oh, and I have to rant on two things here kids, humor me for a minute:

1. I hate it when grown up people talk to other grown up people in baby talk. Our department head's administrative assistant will often tell you something or go to do something and then when it isn't good news or when something isn't working out she'll change from normal speaking to baby speak. "Oh, I so sowwy. I no wanna bweak it. I go home now." or some shit like that. What the fuck is that!!!!!!!! When she does it, i feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and my blood pressure rise. Talk to me like a human adult. Act like a human adult. I don't even like it when people talk to BABIES in babytalk. Personally speaking, neither of my kids got that treatment. They got soft speak, gentle speak, but they got full sentences with correctly pronounces words, no r's or l's sounding wike double-yous. Awwwite now wittwe baby. you pwetty wittwe baby.

Shoot me if I ever talk like that to a soul on this planet.

2. Scott in Chicago saw a sign the other day that said "We don't want your RACIST WAR!!!" (Breathe deeply, here, Chrissie, and gear up for a good scream....)

It isn't a racist war, dumbass!

Muslim extremists aren't a race. Oh my GOD, please tell me people aren't this retarded!!!!!

Some of these folk are Arabic.

Some are black.

Some are whites, in the Balkans, in Croatia, in the former Yugoslav Republic... those are Caucasians up there, they are Muslim. They are white.

I bet you some are even Malaysians joining in the cause... raising the flag of Jihad above head.

There are extremists out there of many many races, and if you fucking protesters can't see that it has NOTHING to do with race but with terrorists trying to destroy the entire country that gives you the freedom to spout insane bullshit on signs, you need to check your heads.

Get it through your concrete lined cranial cavity: They don't care if we are white, black, Korean, or Eskimo. We're Americans. They want our way of life, (based in the Judeo-Christian model with the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence tucked in our collective back pockets) wiped off the face of the earth.

It has nothing to do with race, assholes.

Wake the fuck up.

It has to do with you being you and you living here in the United States, a young country that has managed to do everything right, and get all their collective ducks in a row, and be successful, and powerful, and no longer be stuck centuries behind the game. And it has to do with you protesters, and me, and our President, and Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, living in a country that gives you inalienable rights to contradict what they think Allah wants everyone to do.

It has to do with the fact that this nation loves democracy, and tries to support democratic states throughout the globe. Like Israel. I'm not a big fan of our continued support of Israel really, but they ARE a democracy in the midst of principalities and totalitarian regimes that want to wipe them off the face of the earth, and we need to support them. It has to do with them wanting your way of life stopped.

Talking nice to them isn't going to change their minds.

You are evil in their eyes. They aren't going to change their minds. Face it. It is about obliterating the way we live. And to be totally blunt and honest, if you agree with them that the USA is evil, go live the fuck over there and enjoy their way of life. Good riddance. Have fun getting materials over there to make your stupid signs. I hear there are a lot of Office Max and Staples stores just waiting for people to come in and make stupid signs in Kabul.

You may not want our "racist" war, but I hate to say we don't have a choice in the matter at this time. We sat quietly for 10 years. Let them all sort their own shit out, we contended. We finished the Gulf War, we liberated Kuwait, that's what we set out to do. So we let them deal with their own problems, and what do we get? Bitchslapped in the 2 tallest buildings on the east coast and our military headquarters. Great. So now we sit here and don't do anything, don't root out the instigators and either obliterate them or put them on trial? We wage nothing? We sit around and talk about it?

I don't think that's the answer. It has to stop. And if we have to put our collective 90% in agreement foot down, so be it. I'm in support.

Okay, rant officially over. I gotta go home. I wanted to get home in time to coerce my husband into going out to a farm stand to get some apples or shit like that so we can bake a pie (when I say "bake a pie," I hear Eric Cartman talking -- "bitch get in the kitchen and make me a chicken pot pie!"), but that isn't going to happen tonight.

Pizza is waiting (insert Homer Simpson yummy noise here).

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