Thursday, December 01, 2022


 Today we launched two websites. We are literally going to the last minute here, and cramming all our work in for the year's end, before the tech moratorium that begins the week before Christmas. It is ... challenging and fun and overwhelming and fulfilling. But honestly, we had 9 months to do things and now we are like that Kermit The Frog flailing his arms around gif.  

Only Kermit was excited about a musical guest or something and I'm Kermit losing my mind. 

Thank you internet, that is the most perfect thing ever. 

Here's my day. 

The dog woke me up at 6:30am, and I told myself I could be up and awake for the day but in my heart of hearts, bed was nice. I went back to bed, cuddled with him, played with my phone, and slept until the alarm went off at 8:40.  Had the wildest dreams between 7:30 and 8 something. I should really teach/train myself to just stay up if it is after 6am. Right? I mean. Right? Just get up, drink coffee, become awake and alive. Go Go Go.

9:15am, I hit the shower after coffee, dressed and ready by 9:27. I had a 9:30 meeting with the team to talk about the two launches. I had a ton of work to do before hand. I'm slightly panicked. I'm worrying about one site. 

Meetings, documentation, 10am: site launch, success!!!   11am: I went to get a snack, I got more coffee. Got distracted, noon Meeting. noon Meeting canceled. Reclaimed hour! Goofed off. Talked to Doug. Ate a sammitch. Ate another sammitch. 1pm: Next launch. Ohhhhh. Not perfect. Not a success. Well, not a crash and burn, but. Ouch, not perfect. 

Alright, okay, alright okay. Another check in with another project. Chatted with my co-worker's 5 yr old son (almost 5) and he told me he loves me and that made me happy.  A lot of the broken things that happened with the 1pm launch are kind of fixed and need more work that fall outside of our purview, but we continue to monitor. 

3pm: another meeting. 4pm: met with the work bestie to go over things I need to get her by noon tomorrow that I'm waiting for other people to proof and approve. 

Dinner! Geoff cooked most of it, but had me do the sauce. Wolfed the meal down, back to work. I hadn't touched helpdesk tickets since Monday so I had to dive in and get caught up. I am still answering tickets right now, but also flipping back here to the blog or looking at Facebook or chatting with my sister. 



exercise: dedicated 10+8. made myself do it late in the day. 

blood glucose: 
9am: 178
5pm: 178
10:30pm: 173

coffee, water
11:30am: 2 good berry yogurt
12:30pm: 2 peanut butter and low sugar jelly sammitches on 647 bread; metformin
5:30pm: beef stroganoff (w/ some egg noodles under it); wine
7pm: Metformin+jardiance
7:15pm: mixed nuts

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Road Trip Envy

Doug and Geoff are planning their big road trip and I am happy for them. And jealous. 

They better bring me back refrigerator magnets, damnit. 

They talk about it every day, Geoff is interested in Memphis. Doug has suggested Nashville. Doug thinks they'll get to New Orleans too, but I keep reminding him that they do eventually need to come back here, and it is a long ass trip to get home from there. 

Work is insane right now, and I wish I could walk away from things but this is the worst time of year. We lose 3 teammates at the end of the calendar year, there is so much that still needs to be done, and I told my manager I am not taking over their duties. 

I hope he knows I am not joking.

Tomorrow is a big day, and I'm already exhausted just thinking about it. 

no picture. just digits. 



blood glucose:
8:30am: 200
5:15pm: 160
10pm: 169

coffee, water
11:30am: hot and sour soup and bbq spare ribs heated up together
2pm: metformin
6pm: chicken parm (1 chicken breast w/sauce and cheese)
7pm: metformin+jardiance
7:15pm: ramekin of mixed nuts

Just the digits

I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up around 1:30 and went to bed. So no entry really to speak of for 11/29. Just the digits. 


exercise: dedicated 10+13

blood glucose:
8am: 195
5pm: 188
xpm - fell asleep on the couch, didn't get a night reading

coffee, water
9:30am: 2 good yogurt (cherry)
12:30pm: leftover chicken/veggies in peanut sauce (huge bowl); metformin
6:30pm: chinese food - general tso's chicken, broccoli, rice, hot and sour soup, peking ravioli

Monday, November 28, 2022


 Doug came up the other day to tell me that there was water dripping down through to Geoff's bathroom ceiling from our bathroom. Great. I filed a ticket with the rental company on Friday, and this morning the plumbers came. 

I had to pull everything out of the closet before they got there, knowing they'd be going in through the wall access to look at the pipes. So everything ended up on my bed. Ugh. I have so much to clean/do/purge and I'm kind of hoping I get into it when the boys are gone. It'll beat sitting here by myself just watching TV.

Turns out there is a crack in the tile at the grout, and I hadn't noticed it. And it wasn't a regular occurrence because it's all about the shower hitting the wall when we rinse off or whatever, and the water runs down the wall to the crack. 

At least it isn't the drain. Or the toilet. It can be fixed, probably with some new grout and tile repair. They pulled the ceiling apart in Geoff's bathroom to get fresh air in there, and told me they'd report to the property management company so we can get it fixed. That will be the most work.

Anyway. Nothing really else to report. It was an incredibly busy day at work, will be tomorrow too. Sigh.



blood glucose
8am: 191
xpm: missed the reading I usually do by 5pm. oops.
10pm: 175

coffee, water
12 noon: 2 blat wraps (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayo) on low carb fajita wraps (5 net carbs each)
12:30: Metformin
5:30pm: stir fry chicken, yellow squash, sugar snap peas, onions, in peanut sauce (peanut butter, soy sauce, spicy thai chili paste, beef stock, parsley)

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Big Damn Heroes, Sir

It was pouring rain out today, but eased up a bit, enough for Geoff to want to take a walk. As he opened the door, two young boys (about age 10-12, I'd guess) came running up our steps.

"There's smoke coming out of the bushes at the side of the house. I think the house is on fire," one of them says breathlessly. 

I threw my shoes on, and Geoff went down the walkway with the boys. As I was grabbing my coat, I realized they were going to my neighbor's house, the neighbor who came here for coffee and brekkie about this time last year. He's traveling for work, but I think someone is staying at the house. Maybe.

So I was relieved my house and bushes weren't on fire, okay great. The rain had picked up again, and I'm still in my PJ pants and my Guster Citgo Sign t-shirt on, with my shoes untied, and I see what they saw. 

It was a vent.

All three of them were on the sidewalk, they didn't dare come up to the house, which surprised me because Geoff mows his lawn and it isn't like he's scared to go investigate. I told the boys to come with me up the driveway and take a look. 

"You're seeing some science here, guys," I said. "This is a laundry vent, and it is steam coming out of the laundry as the clothes are drying, but, it's also hot air so it is hitting the bushes here," I pushed the bush back from the side of the house and the steam lessened greatly. "The heat from the vent is hitting the bush, and evaporating the water so it looks like, a lot." 

The boys came closer to look, as I let the bush go back to the wall, and the steam increased greatly after a minute. 

They were amazed. 

"We thought it was a fire coming out of the side of the house," one said.

"I've seen that kind of steam coming off our house too, so that's the dryer?" 

Yes, it is the dryer.

I told them that they were big heroes, because they came to get us, and if it had been a fire my phone was in my hand, at the ready, to call for help. 

Both of them looked a little ashamed, or embarrassed that they thought it was a fire. We started walking down the driveway back to the street.

"I'm really sure he would have been so happy that you caught this and his house was indeed on fire, he would be so thankful," I told them. "You didn't do anything wrong or foolish by coming to get us. I'm so proud of you."

They seemed relieved, and I asked their names. They told me and I thought about going on to post about how wonderful I thought they were, but I left it. Not everything has to go online. But here I am telling you. Ha. 

I should have gone to Target today to get dishwasher tablets but .... it was raining, and my neighbors house was not on fire, and football. 

Back to work tomorrow, horrifyingly so. Meh. I want another week of Guster concerts, Linda, and shenanigans.

Digits below. No picture today, lads.


exercise: dedicated 10+6 (at 9:30ish PM, better late than never!)

blood glucose:
9:30am: 185
5pm: 221
9:30pm: 238

coffee, water
11am: Turkey, cranberries, mayo on Farmhouse oat bread
12pm: a lil'more turkey and cranberries; Metformin
2pm: apple cider+spiced rum
5pm: 2 large pieces of celery with peanut butter
6pm: jardiance+metformin
7:30pm: 2 bowls of turkey soup w/tiny corn muffin in each one
8pm: apple cider+spiced rum

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Soup's On

Jess left around 11am, and I am hoping to hear from them soon. I hope traffic was merciful this time. Not expecting a text until 10pm probably, but offered to get them a hotel room if they get to Connecticut and it is miserable and they want a break. 

I often wish my parents had made similar offers back in the day but were not in a fiscal position to do so. We can. For their safety and sanity on the road. 

A turkey is a gift meal that keeps on giving. Yesterday we had a big leftover spread with all the fixin's and then I made stock. We got about 7 quarts, but I made the mistake of adding in the turkey fat the same way I do with the chicken fat when I do stock with that bird. 

The soup was "greasy" but flavorful. I still have about 4 quarts of the stock, so I am going to take it out of the fridge let it sit in air temp to see if  it will separate and I can skim some of the fat out. It wasn't possible right out of the fridge but it could maybe work at just room temp. 

Anyway. Didn't stop me from eating 3 bowls of the yummy but greasy soup, for sure. I still have a big bag of the stuff left over after you make the stock, Doug said he didn't think the stuff in the bag would be good but we got a huge yield of turkey meat out of that. So I can thicken the remaining stock up if I keep sifting through this to make sure I get all the wee bones out.

It's a multi day and stage process, it seems. 

Tomorrow we can have turkey sandwiches. I kept a lot of the meat that Doug cut off apart from the soup so we can have sammies, mayo, tomato, turkey on farmhouse sourdough. Can't wait. 

Here's a picture of Phineas who took over the guest bed for the afternoon after Jess left. The past few days were exhausting for him, I'm sure.


exercise: dedicated 10+13

blood glucose: all horrible numbers blessed by your friends carbohydrates and sugar!
9am: 250
5pm: 250
10pm: 287

coffee, water
10:30am: 2 good yogurt, 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, bacon
12:30: metformin
2pm: corn muffin with bacon bourbon butter
6pm: 3 bowls of Turkey Soup; turkey stock, carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms, crushed cherry tomatoes, parsley, white rice (to try and absorb some of that fat) 3 beers (over 2 hours really)
6:30pm: metformin+jardiance
8pm: slice of pumpkin pie w/whipped topping


"Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
a time of innocence, a time of confidences.
Long ago it must be, I have a photograph.
Preserve your memories. They're all that's left you."
-Simon & Garfunkel

Sorry for those of you who actually visit here on a regular basis, who may have been looking for updates. Life since Wednesday afternoon has been a blur. It's only Saturday right now but I feel like a week happened between the last post and now. 

Doug and Phin are napping, Geoff is out for a walk, Jess left about 90 minutes ago. It all feels so done and over. Weird. 

Here's the recap, to the best of my recollection!

Jess arrived Wednesday afternoon, after a small fender bender north of Baltimore, as I mentioned. Doug and Jess both went out and assessed the damage in the daylight. The bumper will probably need to be replaced, but maybe a good Guster is for Lovers bumper sticker will be the solution.  

Doug and Geoff brought the dining table that Doug uses as a desk up from the basement. It is smaller than the one we use up here, so they didn't line up together just right but it was close enough for jazz, as they say. Doug had purchased 2 heavy duty disposable tablecloths, so we were all set to disappear the flaws between the pieces of furniture. I baked 2 pumpkin pies and 1 apple. Doug made his jello salad and his Waldorf salad. We did everything we could to hit the ground running. 

Our guests would be arriving at 1pm-ish. We needed to be ready. Linda went to bed early, I think I was up until 1:30. Morning was going to come way early. 

Doug got up early, per his usual Thanksgiving dinner behaviours, and got the turkey prepped and in the oven. Calm before the storm. Doug sent Geoff out for more ice, more beer, more wine (Linda and I put a hurt on the collection we had on Wednesday night, ha).  I think I slept until 9. Doug made just enough noise in the hallway to wake me, and I knew it was time to be up. 

Linda and I did what we could to prepare things to go in the oven for when the turkey came out. We set up the chafing dishes, got the water and sterno going. Geoff peeled the potatoes, and we got them and the carrots going on the stove. I boiled eggs in the morning and set them aside in an ice bath so Linda could make deviled eggs. She pre-prepped her spinach balls so they could go in the oven when the turkey came out. 

We got a little crackers, cheese, meats, olives, blah blah blah thing out onto the living room table, and we were on Phineas duty to make sure he didn't chomp anything. Jess set up the tables with the coverings and got the plates out for everyone. We discovered I have silverware for 8, not 9. Ha. I set my plate with a paring knife and a baby fork so everyone else could have what they needed.  

Around noon, Doug went out and started the fire pit. I was a little annoyed because I wanted him in the house doing stuff, but then was relieved he and the boy were out of the way. I didn't want the fire pit going, but in the end, it was great because all we had to do was put more wood on it after dinner and sit out and just have our time. 

The weather was perfect. Just cool enough to want a fire, warm enough to be out and enjoying it. Thank you God. What bliss.

M&M arrived on time. Doug's cousin and aunt arrived actually close to on time. Surprisingly. Turkey came out of the oven at 12:30 and sat, we had the carrots and mashed potatoes done. Linda makes these little spinach balls so they went in the oven for a half hour. Doug wanted cornbread muffins, so those were popped in, and I did the dressing in the oven instead of on top because the turkey pan was taking up so much space. Timing wise it was all coming together. 

Linda loves a shot of people doing cheers cheers clink, darling. So I grabbed this. Jess' eyes are unfortunately closed but they were laughing at us. As you can see, Linda's an expert at this shot! 

Linda and I did the gravy - she did the bulk of the work on that with my emulsifier stick mixer. I didn't want to get the blender out because literally everything in the world had already been used in my kitchen... I did not want to pull out yet another thing. So that took a little longer than we wanted but we survived. 

Thanksgiving is literally the day that every single bowl, pot, container, utensil, thingie, whatever that I own gets used. It's the best. I get to say to myself pretty much every year "huh. I thought I had a small ladle for the gravy?" or "Jeeze, I really could use some more trivets." This year I had a ladle, and more trivets, so ha! Victory!

The table was ready, set, go. 

The chafing dishes were honestly the best idea, and I'm so glad I got them out of storage. Everything that needed to be kept hot was in there, and we portioned out serving bowls for the table and just refilled them as needed. The one that is too big is the mac & cheese, their pan was a scootch bigger than the water tray but it worked. 

We tucked in, and a great meal was had by all, I must say. We sat and studied the Jello Cookbook, and had huge laughs at some of the recipes. Doug's jello salad wasn't as good as he'd hoped but everyone ate it and enjoyed it. Even I approved. My only regret is I didn't get a picture of it! dang.

The real hero of the day was my dishwasher and it's wonderful hot one hour cycle. I must have run it six or 7 times during the course of the day, before and after we ate. I had it loaded and full and ready to go right before we sat down to eat but held off until after the meal. A moment of rest and peace for the poor beast. 

After dinner, Doug's aunt was freezing and complaining about how cold she was even though I had the door between the living room and kitchen closed. We had the back door open a little so everyone could all come and go out into the yard, and to the beer/drinks. I wasn't in the mood at this point to listen to her complaining (oh, she also got heartburn so we had to take out 10 different medications so she could pick one) I offered her a blanket, and she put her coat on and looked like an eskimo on my couch. She stayed in the living room after the meal, and I think she and Doug's cousin maybe took naps while I was moving around room to room to room to whatever cleaning and doing. They also watched a dog agility competition on TV because she couldn't figure out our remote control, and I couldn't be assed to help. 

I wasn't rude, but I sure wasn't like... my usual self. 

Jess took some introvert time and went downstairs, Geoff sat watching the dog thing because dogs are awesome, and the rest of us were out at the fire. 

The coal bed was amazing, so a few more logs on there and it was still daylight-ish and wonderful. We had our portable speaker and Doug's spotify, we listened to a band that M&M are going to go see here in town in a couple months, and my sister was familiar with them, Geoff came out and we talked about bands we all like. 

Not necessarily just Guster. But. They did come up. 

Eventually M&M had to go home to get to their dog and feed him, we sent them home with sides because they had a turkey they were going to put out on the smoker on Friday and the sides would all go nice with. Doug's aunt and cousin stayed, and Linda and I sat out by the fire. We talked to our parents, and I sat there thinking about how last year when Linda wanted to take a picture she said "of our last thanksgiving" or something like that. I hoped then that she didn't jinx them. They're still kicking, and maybe the jinx was "our last thanksgiving together." But we can aim for another one someday.

Auntie and Cousin left at I don't know when o'clock. I was too tired to care at that point, but she did need a phone number from me, and so I came in to wish them well on their way. 

I went back out to Linda, and we sat with the speaker and my phone playing songs to sing harmony along to. We cruised through some Guster songs, tried some BNL but there isn't a lot there for harmonies, even though it is fun. And she didn't know a lot of the lyrics. 

I felt like we were being really loud and I wanted for us to stop singing, but she said that she wanted to keep going, keep singing, because every song we sang kept her a tune further away from thinking about work, and real life, and all the things she has to do. 

To sit by the fire and just sing with me. It made me really sad to be the one to call this night to an end.My neighbor two houses down kept turning on her back porch light and would stand there looking at us every time we launched into a song. It wasn't even 10pm, so Linda was right when she said "fuck her, let her call the cops, see if I care..." 

And I started laughing thinking about the police report: 

Area woman calls cops on two sisters in their 50s singing Simon and Garfunkel by the campfire in their backyard. 

Can you imagine the cops rolling up on us sitting around singing by the fire? "Oh sorry, officers, can we just do "Feelin' Groovy" and then we're done?" 

We laughed our asses off and finished with "The Boxer" and "Bookends." I wish I'd had Linda turn her video camera on and film the fire for that one, because it was literally just perfect. A perfect note to wrap things up to and go inside. 

Doug had gone to bed, Jess was on the couch so we sat and talked to them. Midnight we rolled ourselves to bed. Linda had to get up early to head to NYC for the Guster show at Carnegie Hall, a show I regret not going to but visiting with Jess was just as important but. Shit. Have not felt a conflict over things like that in years. 

Here's me and Linz being me and Linz. Sign design courtesy of Jess. I did keep digits on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, but didn't track food and time. Just gave that a break. Back on it now after a lot of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and all the things. 

Saturday digits in another entry. I'll let this one cover the whole past couple days. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Here I Sit, Surrounded by No Guster Concerts

Booooooooo. No more Guster concerts for me for the near future. Linda will be going to Carnegie Hall on Friday for the last show of this tour. And they are doing a show in Mexico with several other good bands, but I'm just not up for traveling to Mexico. Glad I didn't decide to do it, and book it, as Doug will be doing his adventure with Geoff around the same time. 

I am passing on Carnegie, even though my heart is wanting. Gonna spend time with Jess. It's the right thing to do since they came here to visit and all. Be with the family. 

But my fomo is humongous. So big it has its own zip code.

Here's a picture of Linda with the set list from Tuesday. I don't think she's ever gotten one from a show, so this is special for her. Look how cute she is.

It is Wednesday, we're back at my house. Jess was rear ended in stop and go traffic north of Baltimore around 1pm. Damage to the vehicle was minimal, but the girl who hit her needed a tow truck. Jess waited until the tow truck arrived for her, and then left. No one could get in touch with the state police to report it, so Jess called their insurance company to let them know, texted her agent images of the damage of both cars, the girl's screenshot of her digital insurance card, all that jazz. But the last thing you want to have to deal with when on the way to mom and dad for Thanksgiving. Just a minor grump. 

It could be worse, there could be bears.

We had a nice dinner, grilled burgers outside and watched Disenchantment, which Jess has not seen. I baked an apple pie and then messed up the pumpkin pie mix instructions so I had to add a second can to the mix, and we got a pumpkin squares and a round pie out of the deal. Note to self: read the recipe on the can, and note to Carnation - don't sell people a can of 12 ounces when the accompanying pie recipe with the pumpkin pie mix calls for 2/3 a cup. Jerks. Put that somewhere big on the label or something. Doug made a waldorf salad, he's been on and on about wanting to make this so okay. Waldorf salad. And he made his Jello dealie. I made bacon bourbon butter because geoff requested it. Phineas ate a lot of apple slices.

Linda went to have a little snooze around 7 and just woke up at 11pm. Doh. Doug's in bed, Jess is on the downstairs couch, Geoff is waiting for people to clear out of the living room so he can watch X-Files or wrestling or whatever he likes. Sorry dude, I think your auntie is gonna be hanging on this couch drinking some wine and crushing candies! 

And I'm off to bed, big day tomorrow. And even though the official exercise count from today and the last 2 days didn't register anything on the fitbit, my body is feeling all the work we did. Tomorrow is the last day of what we need to do. Doug will be up at 7 to get the turkey in the oven, Geoff will go to the gym, come home, peel potatoes. I'll dress the table and Linda wants to make deviled eggs and spinach balls. Jess will probably help with that. 

And we'll have our guests arrive around 1, eat at noon, nap at 4...

Looking forward to it. Off to bed with a very sore body and a full heart. And head full of Guster.

Wednesday Digits

exercise: ha. Fitbit shows 9 solid minutes so I fell just short of the dedicated 10. That's okay. 

blood glucose:
10am: 163
5pm: 135
10:30pm: 197

coffee, water
10:30am: 2 gruyere and bacon egg bites
11:15am: metformin
12:30pm: pbj on 647 bread
6pm: one cheeseburger, no bun, bed of romaine lettuce and sliced tomato. A couple handfuls of Doritos. 
7pm ish: several slices of apple while making apple pie. More wine.

Service Project, Class of 84 reunion, Guster Night 2

After going to bed at 2am on Monday, my sister and I were faced with a decision when we woke up at 10 Tuesday morning. We had volunteered to go help our friend Sara with a service project that she put together. She figured a lot of Guster fan friends would want to do a give back to the community deal. 

But, she didn't get a lot of nibbles on the bait. 

She told us really they needed about five people for this to be worthwhile, and Linda and I were people 4 and 5. or ... 3 and 4 because Henry doesn't really count as a people. 

We thought about telling her we couldn't hang. I thought about how that would disappoint her. She mentioned after the concert that she might call off the arrangement, but she knew this work needed to get done. 

I thought of things I'd rather do with a free day in DC. I kind of wanted to walk down to the white house, the mall, and take a walk about. Linda wanted to do nothing. I'd make her go for the walk. 

She texted me and asked if we were still up to it. We decided to go.

It was very worth it. Very. 

Two other people showed up without letting Sara know they were coming, so we were glad we were there. The goal was to set up a small greenhouse, but the coordinator was concerned about anchoring it down. The ground is really hard and unyielding so she decided she would build a floor of pallets and anchor it but we picked a spot for it, got the framing out, she'll come back with wood and tools and another volunteer crew, hopefully, and get it set up.  We weeded and readied the raised garden beds. Everything had been hit with the hard frost but she had managed to get the last of the peppers and tomatoes before that happened. There was a ton of lavender, which she said no one really wanted so she's going to remove it all and not plant it again next year. 

Some aggressive wild marigolds had taken over one of the boxes, so we pulled all that out, and decided we'd sow the seeds in the back corner and along the edge of the fence. 

And there was a PVC fence that had been damaged, all along the edge of the plot where the garden is, so we helped fix that up. 

All told - ouch. Sore. Tired. But fun. Here's our crew. Nicky is the woman standing next to me, she runs this program, they call it Veggie Skills or something cute. 

Her enthusiasm for doing this work made me feel so much better about our decision to not blow this off. What a gift to meet her, and I'm happy we could make progress for her.

We headed back to our hotel and grabbed a quick lunch. Then we headed back to the hotel, it was well after 3:30, so Linda took a quick nap, I showered. That gave Linda some time to rest and get her shower. 

Sara had picked our next meet and greet location very close to the venue, and it turned out to be a perfect spot. We had about 20 people show up over the course of the night. They were going to give us the whole upstairs, but decided to give us the back of the room at the first floor bar, which worked out well. 

Linda and I arrived early - I knew Sara would be late (she was, very. They all took a giant nap and got to the meet and greet at 8. We got there at 5:30) 

Here's just a portion of the gathering. About 6 people were not there yet, including Sara, Sean, and Henry. And our friend Spicy V had left to go volunteer for Reverb before this was taken. 

Then the fun weird thing happened.

When we moved here, I found out the high school friends and acquaintances who were all around. I got to connect with Debbie in Berlin MD in October, Sean is in Loudon County but we still have not made it happen. Then there is Jeff. Jeff and I were in the same homeroom together, through junior high and high school. We didn't run in the same circles really, but he hit me up on Facebook to say he lives near Baltimore, works near my house, and we had some nice chats on FB. When I went to Vermont, he asked me to bring him some beer from a brewery there, the beer is named for another friend of ours from High School. Weirdly. 

But we never got to meet up. Jeff goes to a lot of concerts. He said he's been to about 100 this year, and the year is not over. When he heard Guster was coming he asked if I'd be there - of course I would. And we aimed to connect. 

So last night that finally happened. We should have rotated for the selfie and gotten the gorgeous stage behind us but this is proof of life. 

Oh yeah, and then there was a Guster show. 

It was amazing, completely different from the night before as every show has been different than any of the shows before that. Unique in all the world. 

They brought some wonderful school children on to play horns and strings for the encore. They did Jesus on the Radio from the opera booth above the side of the audience. And my friend Justin took a great picture of me taking a picture of Ryan Miller with Adam Gardner in the distance. Justin is an amazing photographer, I love all of his pictures, from Guster to the Appalachian Trail and the great swamp in NY. He's got such an eye. What a fun moment here.

I had promised myself that I wasn't going to dance and go nuts, I was so sore from the service project and from the dancing Monday night. But there was no standing still. Two rows ahead of us there was a couple who were just dancing like mad, and she freaked out when they played "Ramona," so I ran around to grab her and dance with her. Her partner was laughing hysterically, and the guys to her left were also dancing so hard. Complete strangers. But their energy called me and I could not resist. 

Digits below the acoustic balcony encore of amazingness, photo by my friend Rachel.

Tuesday digits

exercise: Busted my ass working in the garden, danced all over the lincoln theater, my fitbit logged zero minutes. It lies.

blood glucose:
8am: no reading in the AM - forgot to check before leaving
4pm: 154
midnight: 207

Coffee, water
10:30am: 2 starbucks gruyere and bacon egg whites
1pm: metformin
2:30pm: 6 buffalo wings with celery and bleu cheese; 1 glass of pinot grigio
6pm: a few slices of goat cheese and sausage pizza, very thin crust (very tasty), 2 cheesecake bites, a few glasses of wine.
8pm: metformin+jardiance
between 9-10 another glass of wine

"I had a great time at Ryan Miller's 50th Birthday Party" Night 1 Guster in DC

Linda and I worked from my living room on Monday morning. My boss was surprised I was at work, but I told him I had 3 important station meetings, and I was checking out at 3:30 or whenever that last meeting was done. Doug dropped us off at the Metro at about 4pm, we got to the hotel, checked in, got our brains situated, ran to the liquor store for some wine, and pre-gamed a little before heading to the meet and greet. We had a good turn out, a few people I had not met before, which was nice. And we all headed over to the venue. 

We mostly missed the opener, which is unlike me. I always watch the opening act, but we were having a good time in the lobby mixing and talking with the friends we hadn't seen for a long while. 

Someone very famous from my office came in and we made eye contact. He greeted me by name, and I said "oh hey! I didn't know you were a Guster fan!" he said he was, and a friend of his brought him, this was his first Guster show. That was so neat. I mean. Wow. Honestly. I posted in the fan group that he was there, and people were amazed. I should have gotten a selfie! But I was trying to be cooooooool.

It was Guster's turn to come out, and we headed into our seats. Great show, excellent energy. My friend Sara's 7 yr old Henry loves me and he wanted to dance with me. He also wanted to get closer (we were decently positioned in about the 10th row). So I took him a few times down front. I eyeballed the audience and asked a couple people if it was okay for us to dance in front of them. This one older lady was sitting and she smiled and said "please do!" 

Henry and I danced up a storm, and went back to our seats. 

I got high-fives from people as we went back. It was interesting. At some shows, I think I'd feel weird or self conscious doing this but the Guster scene is a mix of dad band fans and jam band fans. 

They were getting ready to show a video on the big screen and play along with it. And Ryan starts to introduce it but the band interrupts to say they have a special video presentation for Ryan's birthday. 

They got several celebrity guests to do cameos to wish Ryan a happy birthday but most of them pretended they didn't know who Ryan was. Scarlett Johansson, John Krasinski, Will Ferrell, Jeff Garlin, Ed Robertson from BNL, and the icing on the cake, Will Forte, who has an unbearable mad passion for this band. 

They also had guest appearances by Ryan's parents wishing him a happy birthday. His mom said "Fifty years ago when you came out of my vagina..."

And the audience lost their collective shit. 

Later on Ryan says "did my mom say 'when you came out of my vagina!!??'" 


The show was amazing. And the covers section, Ryan said "it's my birthday so I'm being self indulgent." they crushed Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, Ryan's vocals were so good. Moon River! They put the lyrics on the big screen because he wanted people to sing along. And my favorite Talking Heads song ever, Naive Melody. 

The set list says it all, and usually when they do back-to-back shows in a city, there are no repeats on the set list. So. Tonight should be interesting. 

Great funny story is at the end, my sister got locked in a bathroom and couldn't get out. I checked three bathrooms for her, and fuck all if I couldn't find her. She called me on the phone for help, but my ringer was off, I'm keeping this hilarious voicemail forever. 

An employee saved her.

I mean, shit .... how funny is that! 

Digits below. Off to tonight's show (Saturday) and another update pending!

Monday digits

exercise: fitbit said 11 minutes, but close to 9k steps and a lot of it dancing, especially with Henry. I did more than that count! 

blood glucose:
8am: 207
5pm: 153
midnight: 227

Coffee, water
11am: brekkie sammitch. Egg, american cheese, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 sausages, on a "skinny" bagel since Geoff could not find english muffins at Aldi (one reason to super hate Aldi all the time is who the hell does NOT have english muffins for sale?) 
12:15: metformin
2pm: small ramekin of mac & cheese with hamburger
4:30pm: pinot grigio
5:30pm-7pm ish: 3 beers, cheeseburger and a side salad, a lot of sweet potato fries
7pm: metformin+jardiance
during the concert several handfuls of popcorn