Thursday, October 11, 2001

Bert is Evil, and funny.

Bert (the yellow friend of Ernie from PBS's Sesame Street) in his exploits as one bad ass mofo has got a brand new angle. Bert with Osama.

Notice to the right of the Big Osama Head, the exact same picture appears, with Bert riding shotgun. Looking Evil.

Also notice the even more amusing photoshoppage right above it of Osama with a Whiskey Bottle, but we're here to talk about Bert.

The originator of Bert is Evil claims he had nothing to do with this, I guess the meme has taken on a life of its own. So here we have dudes protesting with the poster, without really noticing that there is a little joke on them right in the middle of it.

Dude, nice picture collage you got there. Hey, did you notice the muppet there??? Obviously not! He's so damn serious! Who is he yelling for. Bert or Osama...???

The Boston Globe Article (I stole the pictures from there, due to the fact that linking to them means they will eventually expire, so Props to Da Globe) said that "the image of Bert is easy to overlook. But check this dude out right here... Look how close this guy is, do you think his facial expression belies the fact he just realized that Bert is there, and he is possibly being made fun of? "Hey, I think Osama has a friend here I don't recognize... (looks to camera), Oh, I get it. I'm a living joke. Damn you America! Once again you mock us!!!! You will die for inserting Bert into a picture!"

See, this is the kind of shit I love about America, and the rest of the free thinking world.

Someone, be it an American, a Dutchman, a Canadian, a Brit, a German -- someone made this poster. He went to Bangladesh and sold them to a shop keeper for a ton of dough, and got the fuck out of Dodge before anyone could detect the insertion. The shop keeper sold them to all the protesters...

And that creative crafty dude who knows how to use photoshop and has a sense of humor, is wealthy and laughing. Maybe not even really wealthy, but he got a good zinger off here. And made a nation pee its collective pants laughing...

Another thing I love about America is I that I have a Walmart not too far from my house, and I went in there to get a couple things, and walked out with 200 bucks with of shite, and I even PASSED UP some shite I coulda bought. Yeah. I love America. I have access to stuff. It is a nice feeling.

I actually am on the way home, and couldn't resist slapping this entry up.

I love Evil Bert. He made my shit crack up. God bless the clown who put this poster together. May his beard grow ever longer.

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