Friday, October 19, 2001

Brevity and the Bossman

I beat myself up pretty badly yesterday and got a couple emails telling me to lighten up on myself. I will. Geoff will be blind and I will no longer chastise myself for not being a stronger influence or better parent.

Today's entry will be short. It is late in the day, a beautiful Friday, the Boss has been gone since 1pm and we all stuck around because we think we're being watched by someone else in the department who will report to her what time we split. I have no idea why we are all so paranoid. Suffice to say, we all should have bugged out at 3 pm and we didn't. We are all suckers.

And I also have to vent.

I was walking down the hall today and a VP of another department was coming the opposite direction. He was 50 yards away from me, and stared at me the whole time. When we were about to pass one another, having about another 10 feet to go, he looked down at the ground and moved closer to the wall.

Uh, okay.

Hey Mister Stick Up Your Ass, am I intimidating or scary or something? I mean yeah, I'm big and fat and uncomely. But I am a simple drone here, am I not? An employee who makes this place run. Throw me a politeness bone and fucking say hello. I must be someone to shun or avoid, right? An unwashed mentally deranged fat woman who would slice your throat open if given opportunity?

So I leaned forward and said "Hi Mr. [name]." His glance flicked upward, annoyed and surprised. "Hi."

And fuck you while you are at it, have a great day, you prick.

I hate when executive level people feel it necessary to not speak to employees. At all. I mean, what. Am I going to bore them with stories about how mah ole pick up truck don't start, or the coon dog had puppies in the barn again, or damn it all my walmart shoes done split their soles a week after they was purchased.

Dang it all.

We're all illiterate, stupid, slackjawed, yokels who sit around picking our noses while these mighty execs strategize and sweat blood in order to bring the company profits. Don't waste your breath on one of them! It isn't worth it. You're a Harvard Educated MBA! You have a 6 bedroom house in Acton, or Lincoln, and a boat! You go to Tuscany for fun. She... she sits around her house watching the Real World Marathon when it comes on MTV cause she's easily sucked in! Avoid her.

It's like that to them, right? We're boring proles and they are highly educated elites who simply can't waste the time to hear from us, so why bother opening the door by saying "Hello," or "Good Morning." Opening that door means we're gonna chew their ears off and bore the shit out of their tightly strung sphincters.

I am not one to beg to be noticed. In fact, I honestly like that people do not know who I am. But there are just basic human interaction issues that most of the execs here, and many other places on this earth, just refuse to abide by. They only need to speak to their own, if something must be said to the rest of us, they'll send an email.

I'm sick of that shit.

An old friend of mine recently moved from Texas to Kansas City where he took a new job. He said the people there aren't nearly as nice as they were in Texas. I laughed. I had to. Jesus... not friendly in Missouri. Oh man, don't you know! Well, you could come to New England where pickle juice flows through the veins of all residents and your company's VPs, EVPs and C-- level folk don't acknowledge your existence.


Anyway, the weekend ahead is rife with the possibility of fun. I have got to get out and take pictures and romp around in the woods during the day tomorrow while the weather is supposed to be smashing. We have to get pumpkins and figure out how to abuse, I mean, dress the children up for Halloween. We must go buy baby gifts as my friend JS (I shall protect his anonymity) and his lovely wife had a baby and one of my Coworkers is being surprised with a shower on Sunday, and one of Doug's oldest friends who now lives in Boston had a baby (we had no idea she was even expecting... shows how close a tie we have with her...). So it should be a damn near decent weekend. I hope. Cross your fingers.

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