Wednesday, October 17, 2001


I put in for a half day today. Geoff has a doctor's appointment at 3:45 so I figured instead of rushing to get him at preschool and rushing to the doctor by staying here until 2, I'd take a half day off, leave at 12:30, and be relaxed about it. Sure I'm eating up like 5 hours vacation time, but who gives a shit really, I'll be laid back, relaxed, and I earn that back at the end of this month, so it's quite alright.

I think I have finally earned enough vacation time to have a nice cushion to take time off at Christmas, or, if I get laid off it'll make a good addition to whatever measley severance pay I would receive, seeing as I've been here for 18 months. I think you get 2 weeks severance if you make it a year, and then a week's worth for every 6 months you have under your belt thereafter. So I'd currently receive 3 total weeks worth of severance, and if I am still here in March that goes up to four.

Like I'm counting or thinking about it. Right.

Our network is down right now, so I can't FTP anything I've been working on into the servers. I can't even FTP the Grandma's Adventures that I just finished, nor can I send any email out into the world. I hate this feeling of not being able to communicate with the world. Our email works in-house, but nothing to or from the outside world.

Welcome to cyber hell or cyber prison.

At least I have something to do and can entertain myself for a few mintues.

I need to get my hands on a Windows 98 machine with a CD drive and USB ports damnit! I have a load of pictures on the camera that need to come off, and can't get them off (I've lamented my situation before, as lame as it is) and I want to do another pictureshow!

My latest struggle in life concerns what to get for lunch. See, the Simpsons toys are at BK, and they rock the party, and I need millions of them... but Wendy's has the bacon mushroom cheddar thing going on, and that rocks the party too.

Either way, they are fatty nasty meals, but hey... toys or cheddar. This is the dilemna I face. Must decide... must decide.

Here is a picture of Milhouse in his "Fallout Boy" costume, please note, he is not "Radioactive Man Milhouse," but "Fallout Boy Milhouse. Those jackasses at Burger King are getting a nasty email from me later! And the picture above of Apu, I cropped the title off of it because it irritated me so much. It calls the figure "Apu-mkin." Isn't it spelled pumpkin? Not Pumkin? What the fuck is wrong with these people that they can't spell pumpkin correctly when slapping it in a toy name? I mean Apu-mpkin is hysterical!!! Where is the extra P???

Oh ye gods, I am weary of being smarter than marketing people. I mean, I'm not even THAT smart, but I can spell Pumpkin. And I know the difference between Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy.

Okay, that makes my mind up for me. I'm going to Wendy's, where their commercials have Darrel Waltrip referring to a cheeseburger as a "sandwich." That's less offensive.

Well, I'm out of here for the day. Sorry for the lame entry, I have some stuff to write about Geoff and imaginary friends, perhaps I will attempt to pen that later tonight. The weather is sterling, glad I get to leave early. I will enjoy some mom-boy time, which is so important in this world today.

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