Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Happy Halloween

To the millions of pagan (a)musing readers, a blessed Samhain, to the rest of you, be safe as you go out and festivus in the various not quite pagan observations you choose. The kids are good and ready for tonight. We will embark on a trick or treat escapade at 6:30pm after I get Jessie from her voice lesson.

Geoff is being a pirate, and Jessica refused to be a pirate and wants to be an Australian. Yup. An Australian. I asked her if that was somehow scary, because you are supposed to dress up as something scary even though most people don't WANT you dressing up as anything more frightening than one of the 101 dalmatians, and she didn't have an answer. So we started to put together this costume... I called our pastor, an Ozzie, and a co-worker who is also of Oz, to ask them what she should bring and if they had any cool props. They both said a can of Fosters was all she needs.

How funny is that. I mean, most Americans will be appaled that my daughter is walking around with an (empty, albeit) alcohol container, but the Aussies out there still seem to have a healthy sense of humor.

So this is what she's got:

  • A cool hat, looks outbackish even though it is something Doug bought at Ozarkland in friggin Missouri
  • A bunch of beanie babies, koala, kangaroo, ostrich, platypus and I'm looking for a crocodile right now... must go to store at lunch.
  • An "Outback Steakhouse" long sleve henley shirt that has a kangaroo on it that one of my former co-workers (Peg) handed down to her after her own daughter quit working there and abandoned the shirt in her wake. It actually is a really nice article of clothing.
  • A paper boomerang which she made in 2nd grade in a class on aboriginal art. Knew it would come in handy someday...
  • A lasso, to celebrate the Australian ranching tradition, perhaps a beanie sheep or cow too.
  • An Australian flag that I printed off the internet.
  • And I'm looking for a Fosters Label online, and I will attach it to our dog, who is playing the role of Dingo Eating Your Baby.

I ran all these by my Aussie pals and they loved it. Naomi told me to make sure Jessica says 'It's a fair dinkum,' and 'Bonza!' a lot, in addition to the 'Gidday, mate!' that she's been practising. As for the Foster's... I'll probably go pick up 2 cans and Doug and I can each go with one in hand to show our Adult Beverage Solidarity with Australians worldwide.

Geoff's got his 'Ahoy, mateys,' and 'Avast, ye scalliwags!' down pat. Should be fun. I plan on leaving here around 4 at the latest. I want to take pictures of the kids in costume outside the house in the yard. It is gorgeous out, and there's nothing nicer than the exterior shot for pictures. A couple years ago it was so warm on halloween that I have pics of Geoff on the porch barefoot. Not so this year. It will be cold, but hopefully no rain like last year when we got drizzled upon the whole time and it dampened our fun.

And there is a full moon tonight.

I heard on the radio this morning it is the first full moon coinciding with Halloween in 46 years, and it won't happen again for another 20.

By then, my kids will perhaps have kids. That is scary in and of itself!

Yesterday was Geoff's eye doctor appointment. The doc chastised me, as I knew he would, for the lack of diligence with the glasses. That kind of pissed me off. It made me feel guilty, but didn't motivate me. Why do doctors do that, and on the same token, why do pastors do that at church when you don't come often. They give you the look, and the you really should... bla bla bla ... and that makes you say "okay, I suck. I'm not gonna bother. It's one of the reasons Doug dislikes going to church most of the time, our pastor says "Oh, nice to finally see you here, it's been a while, hasn't it." and Doug gets mad that he's keeping track of when people are there... like you get little gold stars in a book.

I told Doug it's Charles' job... but see how he feels so clearly now that I got the same kind of crap from Geoff's doctor. He wrote Geoff a new prescription for glasses (his eyes have improved from the last prescription) and he wants to see him in 6 weeks, so December 11 we'll go back. I have to pick Geoff's glasses up today. I'll do so after tricking and treating. Geoff has to wear them all day, all the time, and hopefully he will oblige. The little nerd.

Last night we finally got around to taking our home computer to the Gateway store for service. Around February our DVD/CD drive wouldn't read some CDs sometimes, and other times would... it was getting painfully annoying and more frequent. The system would freeze up. The drive wouldn't open. I called Gateway, spent about 10 minutes determining the DVD/CD drive sucked so they sent me a new one. Over 2 months later I get around to swapping the stupid thing out because Doug is pissed that he can't play a game or something, so I go in there after his hissy fit to swap drives.

The system doesn't see the OS, won't run, and gives me a dead black screen saying Operating System Not Found. Hello, Gateway, Hi, yeah, I'm fucked. Can you help me?

After 2 hours of living in the BIOS and reassigning the order the drives will be seen, I get it so the OS is seen, but no DVD drive is found. The guy tells me that I need to take it to the store. The nearest store isn't that far away, but it's in Peabody (or Peobody as my friend Dan once spelled it and will never live it down). But it needed to be done, and we took it in. Damn. What a pain to schlep out at 6pm when all you want is for someone else to make you dinner, and go to bed.

We decided that we'd drop the PC off, and go over to Outback Steakhouse, since it is in the same plaza. I'm normally not into chain restaurants. I'll go to Bertuccis because it's local to my office, sometimes Burger King, for the toys of course. For the most part I'm into eating at places which are original, one of a kindish. But we figured hitting Outback was easiest, as it would be after 7pm by the time we got anywhere else. We were, after all, in the heart of mall-town, where there is nothing original, nothing but chain stores.

The place was mobbed, Geoff was sort of impatient. They finally got us seated, and we ordered really big beers (essential after dealing with stress inducing boy and traveling all over Massachusetts and New Hampshire with him that day), and tucked in. They screwed up our order, so the guy gave us Buffalo wings, or whatever they call them there, for free... nice! Bonus! They were different from the usual kind of Buffalo wings you get, this was more India/curry spicy. Jessica loved them... the girl who won't eat pancakes but loves hot wings. Whatever.

Geoff ended up falling asleep, which was cute, and we had a lovely time. Our waiter sat at our table with us while taking our order and it was sort of odd, but he was really nice and we liked him. He played with Geoff, said he loved when the kids come in cause he gets to color.

Whatever makes your life more fun, man. More power to ya.

When we got home, I remembered that today was slated to be "Crazy Hair Day" at Jessica's school, where the 4th - 6th grade rabble do funny crap with their hair seeing as they don't "dress up" like the K-3 kids. And here she was with just ordinary blonde hair. We had no spray-on hair junk to color it. No food coloring either (we'd used it all this past winter to color in the snow).

She wanted me to put in a million little braids, but I had no tiny elastics. I ended up braiding her hair in said tiny braids, and tying the ends off with yarn. I knew the yarn wouldn't hold overnight, and sure enough the back of her head was unbraided where she slept, but the sides and front were braided. I made her take all the braids out and her hair was HYSTERICALLY funny. We laughed our ASSES off this morning while I brushed it and messed with it. I wanted to put 2 big poofy pony tails in it right on top of her head and leave a ton of hair hanging down... she refused.

What fun you can have with children. eh? This was awesome. Her hair will hopefully still look wild tonight, which will make her even cooler with her Aussie get up... I'm looking forward.

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