Friday, October 05, 2001

Long and Hopefully Fun Weekend...

Aaron and Michelle are coming down this weekend. We all have Monday off, which I guess is kind of regional because most everyone else I know outside of New England has to work on Monday, Columbus Day. The kids have no school, so neither Doug nor Michelle have to work, and my company gives it off, so we're set for a cool weekend.

I wish we were going camping, but the weather isn't supposed to be too stellar, and we'll probably have to entertain ourselves indoors. So we are trying to come up with options. I mean, it's one thing to sit around the house and drink lots of beer, rent videos and throw stuff from one end of the room to the other so the four-footed furry resident and guest can tear ass around catching them, but it would be even more fun if we actually got off our fat (speaking for myself, of course as the royal "we," or "our" as the case may be) asses and DO something this weekend.

Here are some of the choice items on the plate of possibilities:

1. The Shiners' Auditorium (sorry, no webpage found in a search to link over to) is playing host to the rodeo this weekend. It isn't the awesome PBR tour, but there's bull riding at the end. I love that shit. Men who should know better getting on gigantic beasts and getting rousted off and losing teeth. Aside from the fact some roping and riding requires great skill, the bullriding part is still my favorite mindless entertainment at rodeo. Geoff probably wouldn't last though... short attention span and no Dexter's Lab content, may be a volatile choice... so that might not be a good option.

2. The Ringling Bros/Barnum Bailey Circus is in town. It's probably too expensive for Aaron & Michelle's budget, but we could float them... maybe. It'd defiantly keep the kids interest, and good tickets are still available.

For further comments on the circus, clowns to be specific, please look further down this entry... I have a circus related non-sequitor.

3. When we went to the Museum of Science with Sunil back in September or August or whenever the hell he was here, they gave us five return passes. Not too shabby. We could all go back and only have to buy one adult admission. Aaron wants to be a Science Teacher someday when he grows up or finishes college, whichever comes first... I bet if we go there he takes off with Jessica to be Mr. Teacherman and he gathers around him a gazillion small kids and gets into science know it all mode.
4. If the rain holds off, or just isn't as frequent as it could be, we could always go over to the Topsfield Fair, which is pretty near to our house. It's always a fun thing, and, it has rides and all sorts of tons of animals and isn't a hippie fair... it's an old school 4-H, Chemical Fertilizer, Red Blooded American kinda fair, so it will be nice to have in my system to balance out the Common Ground Fair and put me in true harmony in both states of my farming-being.
5. If I can rouse a sitter for Sunday night, which I still haven't done, my old old OLD Friend Jon Svetkey is doing a solo concert in Cambridge at Passim, his first solo gig in four years, and his last performance of any kind this year. He and his wife are expecting their first baby (right around my birthday I might add!) and so he'll not be a rockstar for a little while. It has been forever since I've seen him... I think about five years worth of forever.

I was pregnant with Geoff the last time I saw him (November, 1996), and the day after the show I ended up going into pre-term labor and landed my ass in the hospital for four weeks.

There are a lot of good memories tied around Jon and his music, and it has been way too long. I'm afraid if I go I will actually cry. So that could be good or bad. I won't have pre-term labor though. Whew.

When Jessica was a baby, I used to walk her in the cold apartment in the middle of the night when she wouldn't sleep, singing Jon's song "A Way of Praying" and just holding her close. I wore tracks into that carpet, and think of those days when I hear that song. Jon also has a great song that cites P.T. Barnum, so I think of him when I think of the circus.

Hey, check out this cool animated .gif I stole (yes, I readily admit I STOLE!!! Hahahahaaaaa!) from his company's website...

It never fails to amaze me, but I am stunned sometimes at what you can find when you do an internet search on someone. I mean, usually I come up with nothing relevant. 19,000 hits of stuff having nothing to do with what I sought. This time I hit complete paydirt... two photos (one clipped here) and this .gif... I love scoring on image searches for the journal.

So those are the weekend options. No matter what we end up doing, it'll be with A&M and we always ALWAYS have a friggin blast and a half with them, so I'm not concerned at all about the prospects of fun on the horizon being dismal. I just need to get my guest room cleaned up before they get there.

Okay, I told you to read on to hear about more on the circus. Last year we went to the aforementioned event at the Fleet Center in Boston (I still call it the Boston Garden, but people are starting to look at me as if they don't remember what that is... so I guess I'll move on and call it by its satanic name) and we bought our tickets with a credit card. In that same year, we went to see Cirque du Sold Out, I men Soleil, so that must mean we are crazy ga-ga goo goo for circuses.

Now, a year later, we keep getting advertisements in the mail for clown and circus related paraphernalia. Clown credit card plates from CitiBank. Or clown clothing, sweatshirts for the entire clan! Circus related stoneware dinner place settings.

What the fuck is up with THAT!!! We bought tickets to a couple circus shows! What happens if we buy tickets with our credit card THIS year??? Does that make us official circus groupies? Will they come perform at my house?

The clown credit card charge plates were HYSTERICALLY ugly. I'll scan the flyer next time they come in the mail, which is pretty much monthly.

All rightie, then. Enough babbling for one day. Must get a little work done, then off to home to prep for the guests. Excellent!

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