Wednesday, January 02, 2002

I cannot even remotely begin to tell you how funny TikiFest 2002 was

It was ridiculously amusing. I've got shitloads of pictures of our ridiculously funny selves running around like asses. We grilled steak and pork on the rocking Weber Grill, we drank tropical rum drinks with coloring that doesn't occur natually in ... nature. We laughed a lot. We raided our tenant's house to say happy new year. Jessica enjoyed helping doug blend with the blender when he made frozen adult beverages, and he made her a big pitcher of her own beverages which were juvinile in content.

All told, Aaron fared the worst and he predicted it early in the day by saying to me "Doug says he's gonna make a lot of rum based concoctions. I don't do well with rum..." and Aaron made the discovery that blue drinks go down blue, and come back up blue, but... he did it without waking up any of us, and cleaned up by himself.

That's a friend.

We had a blast. And I'll do a full picture show outlining the evening's events later. But all I have to say is this: Doug bought a coconut. Had he known the coconut would provide as much entertainment as it did, he woulda bought more. Here's the proof.

Need I say more? You work it girl! Work it work it work it!!!

I had a lot of fun. The last three New Years Eves at the Way Out Inn have been filled with intense frivolity, and the last three years of my life have been pretty darn happy times. So I'm well blessed, very pleased, and I pray that things continue to go as swimmingly as possible for us. And I hope the same for you. Having rough times is just plain shitty. Shouldn't have to happen. So I wish an upturn for you if you're at a low point, and a steady hovering in happiness if you've found a nice niche to plant your soul into.

A quick overview of what happened since I last wrote is this: I got home from work, and Doug was busying up, getting ready to rock that night AND had to take Jessie to an eye doctor appointment to get her vision checked (unlike her brother, she's got impeccable vision, but has some strange TV viewing and book reading habits, so I made him take her in).

So Aaron and I took the dogs and Geoff for a nice walk in the woods near my house while Michelle got to enjoy some alone time on the computer doing SIMS. It was cold, but there was no wind really. We were out for over an hour, the dogs needed a good play out off the leash, especially Gonzo, who needs to run like a frigging maniac on a daily basis or he's hell indoors. Geoff also needs to get out, no matter what the temperature is, because he's the human version of Gonzo. Kinger can take or leave the big walk. He does his daily things in the yard, but does enjoy a good swim or hike. His arthritis comes back to bite him on the ass though. He is still limping after the hike we took.

We got back to the house and had a couple beers, started up the grill, and prepared for dinner. Doug and Michelle went to rent some movies that we could watch or at least have on in the background. Michelle picked "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," which I will review later, but it was hard to watch when you were in and out of the room getting your party on. We annoyed her, because she's seen it a few times and wanted us to SEE it, but we were goofy and made fun and were up and down. I think of the three Geigers who watched it, I got the most out of it and can formulate an opinion on it... and I'd see it again. But it wasn't the super art brilliance I expected it to be.

We also got a couple Jackie Chan flicks, because those are always fun. Who Am I? was one of them. It sucked long and hard, but we laughed at it and yelled things at the TV.

After making fun of movies, we donned our hawaiian shirts, taped the coconuts to Aaron's chest, to our sincere delight, and began whooping it up. We grilled more meat. We ate spinach pie (which kicked old school). We ate fruit of tropical kinds, and mixed party nuts. We were having a blast.

We also realized our tenants were home upstairs. Pete and Jen. Jen is Pete's niece, and he let her move in when her family life got too ugly and complicated. She's pretty nice, and he's the bomb. So we thought we should bless them with our presence and our sincere wishes for an ass kicking 2002, so we poured ourselves some new blue and green drinks and went out and knocked on their door.

Michelle stayed downstairs with Jessie, and we went up and spread joy and happiness to the tenants. Jen thinks we're whacked. So does her boyfriend, who was visiting and answered the door.

Then it was midnight, and we whooped it up, Jessica successfully stayed up the whole time, enjoying her non-alcoholic tropical blended drinks and waiting on us hand and foot (we didn't make her do it, she willingly became party hostess girl). And then we shot fireworks off of our deck.

Doug had bought a big bag of fireworks on his western tour this summer and forgot he even had them. So he searched until he found, and we had roman candles and bottle rockets aplenty. They were weak in strength, but we didn't care. The kids across the road loved it even though they couldn't see us, and begged for more... Aaron and Doug were happy to oblige!

We all made it to bed safely, but Aaron did have a rough time of it. And 2002 dawned on a quiet house, with tired inhabitants, and one very rowdy little boy who didn't stay up late but went to bed at 8pm and got up at 6:45am. ugh.

It was a good time.

And resumes normalcy.

Jessica's got an earache, so I am getting out of work early today to take her to the doctor. I tried to get a later appointment but the earliest cuts into work time. Which means I only have a little while to get work done here. I tried to get ahold of Doug, but his extension at school isn't being answered, and the office can't guarantee they can get a message to him, and I don't know if he answers his voicemail ever. And, on top of that, he doesn't have a cellphone anymore because the one I got him for Christmas two years ago died a horrible death and would have cost an arm and a leg to repair, so we haven't gotten around to getting him hooked up with a new one... so I'm needing to leave early. Even though the holidays are over, I'm still feeling stress.

I need to get something to eat quickly. I feel like I'm fading fast. I so should make it my "resolution" to eat in the morning so I don't make myself sick by lunchtime. Which happens on an almost daily basis.

But old habits are based in years of learning to do things the wrong way. It's why I'm fat. It's why I'm lazy. Setting up resolutions for things that are major lifestyle changes sets you up for guaranteed failure (ie to eat breakfast means I have to give myself more than 10 minutes to get myself ready in the morning... and that means getting up earlier... and the hell that's gonna happen). And then you get mad at yourself. And then you spiral into self loathing and oblivion. So why bother, eh?

Going into a lifestyle change just because it is the beginning of a "New Year" isnt' a good reason to go into it. Changing your life has to happen when you are READY for it to happen. Sometimes you never are. Sometimes there is a major epiphany and you say, "Shit! This has to change!" and you do it.

For me, I enjoy sleep a lot. So until I get it through my thick skull that making it to lunch with only a coffee dripping through my veins isn't good, I'm gonna keep doing it to myself.

So that's the overview. Gotta grab some food and get working here. Hope this finds everyone happy and safe and ready for a new year.

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