Sunday, February 24, 2002


think I just figured out how to get across to him -- take his food away. He eats constantly, he's kind of a grazer. This morning he got out of bed, closed my bedroom door so I wouldn't hear him, and started to drag a chair to the kitchen so he could raid the cabinet. Back in the day he'd wake me up. These days, no dice.

So I got up and the minute I opened the door he growled at me like a caged animal. I told him to chill, took the chair and put it back, asked him if he wanted food. He was freaking out because I'd interrupted his racoonesque attempt to pillage my cereal collection, so I sent him to sit in the living room while I made coffee and cereal for both of us.

When I gave him his cereal, he refused to sit in his small green chair, calling it a "stupid sight." So he went to the dining table to get a big chair, which is way too tall for the shorter table upon which he eats when we are in the living room. So I took the chair away... he freaked. I told him he had to sit in the green chair to eat. He continued to freak and tried to sit on the floor, of course that's too low for the table. So I took the food away.

He shaped right up when I told him he could eat if he sat in the chair and stopped acting like a recently rescued savage from the jungles of Africa. He ate nicely, and we all went to church... he behaved wonderfully, and when we got home he played outside by himself and I made lunch. We then cleaned his room, and had a ton of fun playing with hotwheels and matchbox cars once the room was tidy. We set up a ramp to run from his bed to the door, shooting cars out into the kitchen. Good times, goooood times.

He can be such an angel sometimes. All day he was super. I don't know what it is.

Aaron called us tonight and told me that G-love must have shaken out all the evil out from his system while up in Maine. I agreed... some sort of something happened there to change his parapsychological dementia and now he's a normal five year old again. Whew!

Aaron also wanted to tell me that he wasn't at all upset or mad or anything about Geoff's behavior - and said that we're like total family to him and Michelle, and that all was good. Which made me feel so much better. I told him he had a right to treat us like family after this visit and become inhospitable to us in future... just like family. After the events that transpired this trip, holy crap we deserve it! Yesterday I'd also neglected to mention that I drew on his dog... I had a blue watercolor marker, and wanted to punk out his puppy, Gonzo was reposed upon my lap and was all agreeable to me doing it... so I did. I felt kinda bad at first, then did it some more. No idea where the boy gets his evil streak. I told Aaron it was washable and licked my thumb to rub it out... it faded but didn't come all the way out, so he had to was his head. I'm such a tool.

Right now it looks like they'll be joining us for St. Patrick's Day. All sorts of wacky assed adventures should ensue. And we're on our own turf, so if Geoff breaks anything of ours, or pokes holes in it, or whatever, we can deal with it accordingly. It's easy to deal with him at home.

Speaking of reorganizing, at church today the vestry warden B got up and talked for about 15 minutes about the self study and search committee process which has to have members in full by March 10th. Doug is thinking of joining. I think he'd be a great asset to that team. B also went through the list of ministries, outreach programs and services that the church has supported and will continue to support, and he left off the food pantry.

Our pastor and his wife ran a pantry out of the basement, which was a supplier to other pantries in the cities near us, Haverhill and Lawrence. The church is open all day, so they never had open pantry hours. Instead, Margaret would take calls from people in need who were referred to our church, and she'd hand deliver food to the people. She also was able to assess whether or not clothing was needed for the children, and in winter if the place was warm enough, so she could aid in that way also. She also was very astute at figuring out who was bullshitting about their need level. She's good that way. Very sharp. She's been at this in this area for 30 years.

When B didn't mention it, I asked what was up with the pantry. He said no one had volunteered to take that on, but the vestry was keen to keep it going as it has been there for so long, and there are agencies and organizations who rely on our pantry. So after service Doug and I looked at each other, and he said 'Wanna do it?'


So we are taking over management of our food pantry, and I am proposing next week that we do an in house food drive, to replenish the stock, and get things going... it's pretty sparse down there.

I'm psyched to have this to do and look forward to. Doug and I went down after the service and looked at the place, it was pretty cleaned out. I'm going to call Margaret this week and get all her contact info, and get the scoop on how the pantry ran and what the expectations were and are of the place. Plus, it's good for our kids to help out with. We would go down there a lot when large quantities of food would come in, and all the kids would help organize the food in categories, but Jessica and Geoff were really into it. I loved that... and I'm glad to continue with it.

In a final note, Chuck Jones died last night. Elaine from Seinfeld once said to Jerry "Everything you know about classical music you learned from Warner Brothers." Yup. Me too. Kill the Wabbit, Barber of Seville, all the classical piano and orchestra stuff, I learned it all from Bugs, Elmer and Daffy... all penned by Chuck Jones himself. Plus, he did the Grinch... And he had a great sense of humor. The world lost a giant... God speed, and hopefully heaven is full of those little clouds, halos, harps and wings like you used to draw on characters when they ended up floating above...

What else is going on??? That's pretty much it kids. Drop me an email if you come across huge tracts of site that are missing... That will help me during the day tomorrow in correcting the broken links. As always... have a great night.

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