Sunday, March 10, 2002

Meet Oreo....

She has wanted a guinea pig for the longest time.

"No." I'd answer. "Not until you can keep your room cleaner. I'm not having a pet in your room that is going to add to what it smells like. No."


"No amount of begging will assist you to your desired end. Show me you can keep a clean room, and the pig pig pig is yours."

(I totally stole pig pig pig from Shelleyness. I think it's a riot. So I call Kinger dog dog dog sometimes...)

So Doug goes to take some books to Portsmouth to the bookseller to turn into cash for our church (books that have been donated, and no one has had the time to sort through them or make heads or tails or money out of them), and he offers to take Jessica with.

While they were gone I did my last entry, played with Geoff, did laundry. Nancy (of the bible study hook up fame) came over for a quick visit to give me the next study guide in case I'm free on Thursday. She had her son with her. We were about to have tea.

Then Doug and Jessie came home.

With a box.

A little black and white guinea pig in a box. A baby pig pig, in a box.

Jessica named him Oreo, and he cried these cute little scared cries when we took him out of the box. Nancy's son and Geoff were excited -- Nancy's boy (I'll call him T) showed Jessica how to pick the pig pig up and hold him, and Oreo tried to burrow into the couch to hide. We had Kinger out in his pen while Oreo got used to the scene here and Doug set up the really large aquarium our tennant had given to us last year that we were saving for when the house was all set up and nice. Looks like it'll be a guinea pig house instead of a fish habitat. Kind of a shame, but hey. He's got a nice big place to live.

Kinger was enthralled with the piggie, and you should have seen that tail wag and seen the energy he had bouncing around the room just trying to look at the thing.

I can't believe he did this. I told Jessica that NONE of her friends can come to visit and see the piggie until her room is spotless. So that should motivate her.


So we now have a new family member. Here are some pictures:

Doug cuddles Oreo and gives us a great big smile, like a new daddy almost!

Awwww, Jessie and her piggie. He's got the tiniest little spot of brown on the right side of his head but otherwise he's totally Holstein.

I can't stand how cute they are sometimes.
Especially her:

Pig tucks into Doug's inner elbow crook and tries to hide.

Kinger and Oreo getting to know each other. I'm ready to bolt, just in case...

Me and the baby. He's rather cute.

Oreo is kind of washed out in this shot, but Kinger looks really awesome with his eyes all narrowed and that tongue hanging out. He was too excited... panted for hours.

I hold up Simba! I mean, Oreo!
The circle of life continues!

Sorry, that was stupid. So there you go. Never a friggin' dull moment here at the Way Out Inn. A new family member comes to live here. If Geoff could only get his way and we'd get a cat, it'd be a veritable menagerie. But we had a cat a long time ago, sniff, and sadly never will again. Geoff wants one so badly... he talks about how cute cats are and how soft, and he pretends he is a kitten... not going to happen, not as easily as his sister got a guinea pig.

To continue the theme of "never a dull moment," here's what happened after we got settled down from all the pig pig pig excitement. Aaron is already laughing, because he knows the story.

We were eating dinner, and I was on the phone with Aaron. Geoff had complained about a half hour earlier that his stomach hurt and he had to throw up. He'd eaten quite a few Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, and I thought maybe his stomach hurt because of his candy abuse. He sat down to eat in the living room and threw up all over the coffeetable.

"Gotta go Aaron, Geoff just puked!" Click, I hang up the phone and grab the boy to get him to the bathroom.

Then, he turned and threw up all over Kinger.




Kinger, in true and predictable doggie form, then tried to run into one of the bedrooms to rub his head on a bed or carpet.

I grabbed Kinger, Doug grabbed Geoff.

While Geoff showered, Doug brought Kinger outside so I could clean up the living room.

Kinger then got a bath, and didn't enjoy it at all. While Doug was bathing him, he tried to jump out of the tub, causing the shower curtain rod to become dislodged, and fall down on Doug.

Kinger ran all over what physical space he could in the 8x8 foot bathroom we have. It was a nightmare, and I was trying really hard at that point not to laugh.

Doug was yelling for help but had locked the door and couldn't open it. Eventually he got the door open and the dog came running out... I grabbed him to dry him and he shook all over the kitchen and living room soaking the entire area...

I used three towels to dry the stupid beast, four others to dry our floors.

While I'm drying the floors, Aaron calls back. Jessie answers and informs him that Geoff's okay but that Kinger got barfed on and was getting a bath and I was drying the floors from his shaking. She hands me the phone, and all I can hear is Aaron laughing his royal ASS off at me. So I start laughing, "Don't you laugh at me, shut up!" and we laughed and laughed...

Doug didn't laugh so much. He didn't want to talk to Aaron when I offered the phone to him because he knew Aaron would just laugh him to death. So we'll laugh at Doug next weekend when A&M come to visit.

It was kind of funny. I'm smiling just writing this. My life is a fucking nightmare sometimes... but I have to laugh. I have to. The scene was unreal. Not only was all this going on, but Jessica sat on the couch and continued to eat, and then Geoff ran around naked because his underwear and Tshirt were inside out and he needed help but no one could help him at that immediate moment.

Welcome to our house, piggie piggie.

Doug implied this was all my fault for letting Geoff eat too many Peanut Butter Eggs... I saw him eat three, I don't know if he actually ate more.

Aaron told me he thinks it's Doug's fault for bringing a new pet into the equation and knocking our family alignment out of whack. Geoff and Kinger both said "A new addition, eh? Well, let's see if it can out do THIS!!!!" Puke, Puke, Bath Shake.

Pig can't compete, so Kinger and Geoff reign supreme in attention hogging and energy sucking.

Well I'm going to hit the hay. I've had enough for one friggin' night. Just wanted you to meet our new friend and witness the end of our weekend.

Come meet the pig any time you want. Don't bring chocolate.

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