Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Happy Birthday Grandma; picnic and spiders

Today is My Mother's Birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma!!! I'd post her email here and demand you go show her love, but, she'd so kill me. So instead, here's a birthday card for Grandma! Oh, she'll so love me!

It's not my best work in photoshop, more of a quickie "What can I throw together to be a turd to my mom..." kinda thing. With some forethought and more caffeine, this could have been a masterpiece of animation with her blowing out the candles... But she'll kick my ass nonetheless just for this paltry effort. That and I sent her a beatgreets card of Barenaked Ladies jumping off a cake to the sounds of Jim singing "Happy Birthday" Lounge Lizard style...

If you'd like to send goddamn birthday wishes to goddamn grandma, email me and I will goddamn forward them along.

The picnic yesterday was awesome. Geoff and I had a lot of fun, although he only ate his potato chips. Didn't eat his sandwich. He was to psyched just to be outside eating. I think it has been a lifelong dream of his.

I had some musings on Tess' entry today about spiders, recalling an episode of life where my roommate Laurie and I were driving down the road in her car and a bee flew in. We almost crashed... it's a funny story.

I've got to police Geoff and get a shower, so I'll expound later. I'm full of funny stories, and should really get back to putting them down the way I'd intended.

So for lack of an actual entry this morning, this is turning out to be a picture show... and here's a picture for Tess. This was outside my window at about 5 pm yesterday evening.

Looks bigger than it actually is, based on perspective etc... Our home's exterior is covered with spiders on the outside. They sleep during the day in the vinyl siding, and emerge at night to rebuild the dainty webs that I brush off each day. In the height of summer, there usually is a Monster Spider up on the powerlines in front of the house and under the street light. He/she/it is very wise, because of course the light attracts bugs, hence... good eats. I'll see if I can snare a picture of him/her/it... but lately my intention of getting pictures of things has been wrought with failure. I wanted to nail a picture of the wild turkey hanging out in the stream but once I realized it was there, it vanished. Haven't seen the swan since the last time I mentioned him/her. And the oriole is taunting me. I hear him singing, but he's hiding in a tree someplace. Oh well.

More later.

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