Wednesday, May 29, 2002


Geoff did the weirdest thing ever. We put in our garden the other day and there were some onions from last year that decided to do some growing for the spring. Doug pulled them out and they were no more than bulb-sized, with big green fronds sticking out the top.

Geoff said they looked like the Pokemon "Oddish." Which, Yes... they did. How funny of you to notice, thought I.

He adopted them. He walked around with them all day, he played with them. Rode them around in the back of his fisher price car, which he's too big for but that doesn't stop his ass from tryin'.

There is a small one, punier than all the other puny onions, and he called it "Baby Oddish," and decided it was her birthday. It being her birthday, and he being their pokemon master, he planned a big party. He wanted me to bake a cake. He made her a birthday present. He coddled her and held her.

It was "odd-ish." To say the least. So I being the one to always support my friends and family members in any outlandish or psychologically twisted scheme they put together, got right in on the party.

I didn't bake a cake, but I did get him a dish of strawberry ice cream and put gingersnaps in it and sang happy birthday to Baby Oddish. He really liked that. Jessica and Doug pretty much ignored us, Doug less so than Jessica... he was amused, but not as into it as I was.

Am I damaging my son by playing these ridiculously stupid games with him, where I get into the pretending just as much as he does? Is he too old for this? Is this something I should not exactly encourage. Hearken back to Geoff's Imaginary Friend days, where I was into it and supportive... but let him know that culpability for messes and mistakes was squarely on him, not on his "friend" Cory.

Now I've got a pile of dried onion bulbs with green limpy tops on my ghetto livingroom table. I have to throw them out, but I know he'll go apeshit. I'll have to do it when he isn't thinking of Baby Oddish. Too bad I loaned my digicam out to catering man, or I'd be posting a picture of Geoff hugging his friends. Too weird.

Geoff's obsession with pokemon is wearing thin on me. I mean, some of them are just fucked up, case in point, the one called a Jynx. It looks like RuPaul gained 200lbs and still acts like a Diva. It is just too weird for my liking. My favorite though, is Mr. Mime, I gotta scan him in for you. You'll shit your pants if you've never seen him before. Most pokemon are like animals, Ponyta, Growlithe, Arcanine, even Pikachu is a mouse... but Oddish, Jynx, Mr. Mime, Porygon, these are the ones that the creators pulled out of their opium flooded braincells when they needed just a couple more to get to 50 or lose their jobs and be forced to commit suicide! They suck. They are so uncool as far as pokemon go. If pokemon have any cool factor.

Snorlax does. Don't forget that.

Okay. I'm off. I've got more to write about but have to get dinner started, and a cup of tea. I'm sleepy. More later. My next installment of Life written by friends will concern my roommates from back in the day, Laurie and Bonnie. Until then, peace ...

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