Sunday, June 09, 2002

Birthday, Ice Cream, Graduation Party

A Sunday entry. How bizarre is that. I normally don't get to do this, but Doug is learning about extra terrestrial involvement in the pyramids, the kids are at the neighbors, and I've got some time to myself while the laundry launders.

We had a busy weekend. Here's what went down.

Geoff and I went to Maine to get the Natster. Geoff had fun playing with Peteman and Mary, and I got to spend time with Marcia, which I always enjoy. Found out they're expecting Kid Four in February. Much to their surprise. But they've got the house for it, and the life for it, it all works for them and I wish them the best. They have wicked cool kids. Hopefully number four will be just as wicked cool.

Here are a couple pics from our Maine Visit.

Geoff told me he was a beaver, building a dam, "And this is how beavers get their trees," he said, grabbing a young tree to munch. I stopped him before he actually COULD cut the tree down with his teeth. He told me he wasn't REALLY going to chew up the tree, but just show me how it is done... right. Likely. But I did snap this picture right before I yelled at him to quit chewing nature.

Geoff and Mary enjoying a swing on the hammock. Geoff got it swinging pretty good there with his foot on the outside edge, and they had a nice time together.

Geoff looks kinda lonely without Mary. I changed the orientation of this picture from horizontal to vertical because I thought it looked cooler.

They have this cool double swing out front, but Pete was taking a nap so Geoff couldn't swing with.

We left Maine and came home to find Jessie, A and her friend T whose parents had not RSVPed intention to send her over for the movie thing... I guess they called while I was in Maine and Doug talked to them after he got home. It was weird mixing Natalie in with 10 year olds, seeing as she's 7... but she did well and got along all right. The girls had the bond of Jessie, and horses. And we went to see Spirit.

My Review, Our Adventures
I hated this movie. No exaggeration.
It was PAINFUL at best. There were far too many scenes of horses talking to each other in horsey scream and whinny language with human facial expressions to give us non-native horse language speakers the gist of the discussion. The Calvary guys were of course brutal, western expansionism was evil, the Indian guy was the cool guy and "understood" the horse ... horse falls madly in love with girl horse, they spend hours playing and romping. Sigh. Happy. Love. Kiss kiss. Meh meh. Puke puke.

And in the end, yes I WILL give it a way so avert thine eyes if you don't want to know, horse and Indian guy escape the bad cavalry guys and the wicked worst of them all gives them the nod of approval and "acceptance," and they go off and live happily ever after. Yeuch. It was tripe.

The animation was impressive but there were scenes where it screamed "computer! computer animation! too perfect! too exact!" and that bothered me.

And the icing on the hate cake for me was the fact that it was all a BIG music video for Bryan Adams.

Bryan friggin' Adams, who hasn't had a hit since like 1985, is the songwriter, singer, STAR of the movie. All the songs were written around the plot of the movie, and there were intensely long stretches of time where Bryan Adams' song was telling the story while you watch horses leap and play, or fight bad guys, or work hard. It made my stomach hurt. Bryan Adams. Who the hell calls Bryan Adams and says 'hey, we've got this horse movie, wanna write the soundtrack?'

Please. Puh-lease! Stop. Bryan Adams. I laughed and laughed for the first 10 minutes. A great big Bryan Adams music video is all this was. And it was pure, unadulterated crapola.

But the girls didn't see it that way. They loved it. As we went out for icecream after the movie I said "what was your favorite part of the movie?" and they talked about it and how wonderful it was. I tried not to puke and was successful. Barely.

Geoff liked the movie too, but I don't think a movie about being bad and fighting back wicked hard (even if the horse was right) was a good thing for him to see right now. As defiant as he is. Because the message of the film really is just that -- fight. Fight because you are right. Which isn't a BAD message, don't get me wrong. I'm all for standing up against injustice... but I don't know that it is something that a five year old needs to learn just yet. Perhaps, learn to get along with your immediate because they are good and right and THEN when the need arises to stand up and fight, do so.


Anyway... he hasn't talked much about the movie other than he liked the horses and likes the "Get off of my back" song that good ole Bryan Adams sings for us.

Bryan Adams... I'm still laughing.

In short, I don't recommend the movie. Don't waste your money. But if you have a 10 year old girl who loves horses, well then okay... she'll love it. Take her. Otherwise, rent Shrek or something else if you want to see a good kid's movie.

Congrats, Melissa!!!
We went to the deep south of Massachusetts yesterday afternoon for my cousin Mike's daughter's high school graduation. I remember when she was born. I have pictures of her holding Jessica, pictures of her from my wedding 11 years ago, and she was little.

Now she's all grown up. So weird.... She's going to get a nursing degree, live at home to save money, and I think she'll do super.

I don't get to spend much time with this angle of the family even though we're in the same state. Seems like Boston is some sort of physical barrier between me and those down south... but I always have a wicked good time.

Anyway... that was our adventurous weekend. It wasn't supposed to rain, but it sure as hell is right now. We were going to go pick strawberries or something, but it looks like once I get off the PC the kids will get on to watch Jessie's "Harry Potter" DVD (thanks to me). Coming this week is another edition of Blogger Insider, Jessie's REAL birthday (with cake) and whatever other wacky adventures we can get ourselves into! Stay tuned for further developments.

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