Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Drywallfest 2002

Haven't had the opportunity to write in the past few days. Sunday was Drywallfest 2002, a holiday that you can mark on your calendars and celebrate each year from henceforth.

I slept in (much to the consternation of my husband, and suffered the resulting taunts of his opinion on the fact...) and we started around noon. Doug had decided that he and Jessica would hold up the drywall to the ceiling, and I would run around and screw in the screws. Sounds easy, eh? No fucking way. The plan was not quite perfect, and I suggested he cut the panels in half, which he did after long and careful consideration. Jessica, while completely willing, was totally unable to hold up her end of the deal. I have to give her mad props and heavy thanks for her willingness, but I concede that she just doesn't have the upper arm strength to hold up a ceiling. Not that I totally expected she would... but she tried

Once he measured and cut, we got the first part of the livingroom done in about 2 hours, with very little swearing on his part. I was very proud of him.

We trucked along until close to 5:30pm when I decided to run to the beer store before they closed (Sundays in Massachusetts mean you go get beer before 6pm).

We stuck one more panel up and called it a day. We're two thirds done with the livingroom/diningroom area, and just have the kitchen to focus on now.

Huzzah! We have a ceiling!!!!!

Monday I worked down at the college with the media group... it was a long full day. I spent a little time with Ben, sorted out some info on FTP account information for both the faculty members I'm working for this summer, and spent about a half hour with my Rupa.

A productive day all told, but I still had a lot of work to do. I took a trip to Wal*Mart on my way home to get new shower curtains and bathmats for both bathrooms in anticipation of my in-law's arrival.

We were anticipating them around 8pm. They got here at 6... I had just mopped, did the floors, the dishes, and put up the shower curtains and other little doo dads. I was in the process of starting to sort through the crap on top of the dining table so we all had a place to sit and feast while they were here... and boom. There they are. Aw crap!!!

So I hurriedly cleared off the dining table, throwing everything in boxes, trash or keeps, it's all in my bedroom waiting for me to sort through it now. And Doug was marinating lamb and starting the grill. They hadn't stopped to eat dinner, the way we thought they were going to, so they were hungry... good thing we had a huge lamb leg and lots of kebab sticks! Doug grilled up a wicked excellent dinner, with zucchini and summer squash from our garden (the cherry tomatoes aren't ready yet, bummer!) and we sat down to a huge candlelight dinner with the kids and grandparents. It was really nice!

Last night I took Kinger out and went to the basement to move laundry around. Kinger got fixated on something up by the road so I went up to see what was there.

There was a little owl sitting IN the road, right in the middle of the lane. It was late, around 11pm almost, so not a soul was driving past... I ran in the house to get Doug and put Kinger back inside. I didn't want him going after the owl if it was sick or injured. Kinger's not that way though. He's usually curious and scared, not a natural hunter or anything. Doug and his parents and Jessica came out to check it out, and I grabbed a flashlight. It sat there staring at us, and when Doug started to approach it, it took off into the trees across the street and I immediately kicked myself for not having the camera. Finally, something wicked cool and interesting happening right in front of my house and all I have are pictures of friggin' drywall to show you. And this picture of Jess and Megan with their puppies. Megan's mom is a golden retriever breeder and shower. So Megan just got a new puppy and will be showing her when she's older and trained. Her name is Star and she's 10 weeks old. Jack sure liked her... they had a great time together, and now both girls can play and walk their puppies together!

Alright. I've got to get back to being social. Entries will be few and far between these next few days as we go out and play and see the region with our visitors. But I'll do my best to say hello once in a while, because Linda is bored at work and needs something to read.

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