Friday, July 12, 2002

Holy Flerkin' Schnit.

Got email today from my buddy Chad, who used to rent our upstairs apartment and we've know him and his wife for just SO long... and they had a pleasant piece of news.

We already knew he and Remi were expecting. They've been married for like 6 years or something, and they've been working wicked hard to get Chad's undergraduate degree finished up. He graduated in May from some Charleston Area College which I won't divulge, and they bought a house a couple years ago there, when they left us (sniff. no one to cheer for the Steelers with here!)

So knowing the details of their life... we've always felt pretty up to date. Chad's good at making sure friends know what is going on. He isn't one of those Christmas card only friends... you all know that type.

Today's email made me drop my teeth.

That isn't a major set of cajones on one baby.
That's the headS of TWO little baby boys.

Wha wha WHAAAAAT?!!!!? As Kyle's mom would probably say. Twins!? Oh boys! Oh boy-oh-boys.

Chad said in his email that her first ultrasound missed one baby. It was in May. I believe they are due in ??? Chad, help me out here... August? I forget (I thought I knew everything). So that's the craziest news I've had in months. Joyous news. After a bunch of loss in my life, this is pretty hot damn super skippy freaking news. And if it were me having these kids, that'd be my quota right there -two kids maximum. One pregnancy. Bang. Done. Woo hooooo!

I wish her the ABSOLUTE best.

And him. Don't forget the daddy. Never forget the daddy.

So Doug and I were trying to come up with funny names for them. Here are some of our choices. Some are from the kids.

Itchy & Scratchy
Sonic and Tails
Lennon & McCartney
Doug and Chris
"Slash" and "The Bus" (I didn't get it when doug suggested it, but true Steelers fans will).
Wolverine and Cyclops
Homer and herb Professor X/Professor Charles Francis Xavier and his evil arch nemesis Magneto/Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
[Sponge] Bob and Patrick
Kang and Kodos


And if you have any good suggestions, send them to me and I'll forward them along!!

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