Thursday, July 25, 2002


The combined double whammy of Summer and Unemployment ... I've been staying up late, sleeping in, doing next to nothing. And what do I have to show for it? A messy house and droopy eyes. Ever since I got out of bed this morning I felt as if I could crawl right back in and fall straight back to deep sleep.

Not sure what the deal is. Today I am a zombie. Someone put a voodoo hex on me. Which one of you bastards can I make a half hearted loopy attempt to come kill and eat your brains? Eh? Who is responsible for this?

After three cups of coffee, a couple games of Sonic The Hedgehog (Geoffrey holds life hostage for a while so he can play and play. I'm considering making the Sega Genesis "disappear" for a while), I sat down to work on one of the professor sites I'm doing.


What a mess. This site has has been in development since 1999, has gone through four or five iterations, a hundred revisions. There are orphan files, redundant files. It's a train wreck of a site. I spent the whole afternoon tidying it up.

Only to find out that the site dialogue is F'ed up totally, so her directory is pointing to the root directory of the college site. For instance, when one goes to link to the index page for the /courses/ directory off her main site, it is looking for /courses/ under the main COLLEGE site.

I now have to go back through all the week sessions and fix all the links relative to "document" instead of "site root..." the way it SHOULD work. Good God. I hate myself. I did all that work organizing the bleeping thing, and now I have a good 2 hours of cleanup left.

My computer has been held hostage by yours truly for the whole day, and the natives are getting ready to mutiny. I've got dinner on, and the secnd I walk away from this Doug will be all up in its business. I may not get to touch it again until tomorrow.

Luckily, she isn't around to check the site, she's off in NY for the weekend. As long as I iron out the mess by Monday, I'll be happy.

Geoff's appointment went very well yesterday. Same doctor, the one I think is mousy. Doug set me straight last night when I tried to diss her. He told me that she's probably a lot tougher than I give her credit for. I gave that some serious thought and he's probably right. She seems to me kind and sweet, but that's her "parents" kind of persona. I'm sure that if necessary she'd kick some law down someone's throat. After all, her meeting with Geoff was her only meeting thus far.

He was really good yesterday, aside from the total lack of "inside voice." She gave us some really good recommendations, suggested we see a behavioral therapist. She said he has moderate ADD, and with good behavior modification and therapy he could possibly work his way through his problems. He's impulsive, explosive, easily upset and derailed but also easily re-railed when in the middle of a fit. She seemed incredibly optimistic. Made me feel pretty good.

My big fear is that he will end up throwing pudding at a substitute teacher one day, because I see all the same tendencies in him that the pudding-thrower had back in my subbing days. Wish us luck, pray for Geoff, pray for us, and please pray for his kindergarten teacher next year to be the RIGHT kind of teacher for him.

Well, I gotta go check dinner and stir the rice. We're having lazy chicken tandoori... mmmmmm.

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