Thursday, January 09, 2003

More Geoff is Six

I got email and Virginia had her baby girl on Geoff's birthday. Abigail! Wooo hooooooo! Much love to her, welcome to the baby, and much rejoicing.

Rainforest Cafe was very nice. We had a very filling dinner and Geoff had a great time. While we were there, a mom and her two little guys came and sat at the table beside us. We were seated beside the great big Atlas sculpture, with "Save the Rainforest" printed on his big globe. I didn't hear what the little boy said to his mom, I presume he said it first but I heard her echo "That's right. He's the Wrestler of the Rainforest!"

Um, yeah. Lady, explain to your kid, no matter how young he is, what he's seeing. Tell him it's Atlas and he holds the world on his shoulders. Education can begin very young. And if he still wants to pretend it's a wrestler, let him. But at least tell him.

Doug said I was presuming she knows who Atlas is.

He has a point. Perhaps she doesn't, so there's no way she could possibly tell him. I asked Jessica if she knew and she did.

So I'm relieved.

How this woman couldn't have known though is beyond me. She looked smart, well dressed, fairly wealthy. The kids were dressed all in Baby Gap. People confuse me.

Well. Anyway.

Next adventure is this Saturday for the birthday party. All but 2 kids have RSVP'ed. So we're good to go!

Yesterday I worked at Geoff's school and was a "floater" moving from class to class relieving teachers so they could go to the bathroom and grab some coffee for 10 minutes. In one class there were four little boys and one little girl who needed to get their snow suits on to go out and play. The school has girls who come in from the local voc tech and they usually sit there like lumps on a log (except for one girl, who is awesome). So the class teacher runs to take her break and tells me that the kids probably won't get their suits on but I can try.

I sat on the floor and sang songs to the kids about getting their snow suits on and how they can do it they can do it... and they all came over and put them on.

The girl from the voc tech dressed the one little girl in the class, and I got the four boys done.

"How'd you do that?" asked the teacher when she got back.

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