Monday, August 11, 2003

Rock And/Or Roll - the Disgusting Gotes

This is a quick little entry, but I wanted to let you know that the Bacraders, Geoff's rock-n-roll band from a few months back has, very sadly, disbanded. But fear not fans of rock and or roll, Geoff is managing and promoting a new band. They are called "The Disgusting Goats."

the disgusting goatsHere is what Geoff wants me to tell you.

"The blue guy on the left. He's the singer. His name is Max Fudgey. [ed note: hint, see the microphone in his left hand and his larger, more prominent placement in the band photo]. The guy in the middle is the sax player. He is Hawaiian Kid. [note; he's smoking a pipe. But Geoff corrected himself and said that's his saxophone and he's "smokin'" on the sax]. The other guy is the trumpet player. His name is Jack Wilson. [Note: the trumpet hanging down on his left side. He's laid back, and gettin' ready to swing].

They have 9 CDs and 9 cassettes. There are more and more and more people in the band, because these three guys need more people behind them on saxophone, trumpet, violins, and drums.

They sound like "Ben Folds Five.""

Note they all have unbuttoned shirts, because that's what rock-n-roll is all about y'all. This cracks me up totally.

So for those of you wondering what happened to "The Geoff Geiger Project," and then the "Bacraders," here's what Geoff is up to now. He's no longer in the forefront of rock, the way he once was. He's producing and promoting, and he's out to let the world know that The Disgusting Goats will rock your world. Watch for the VH1 special, coming soon.

By the way, if you go to that link on "the Geoff Geiger Project," I just re-read the content in his "behind the music-esque" about the project page. I wrote that 3 years ago and it still makes me laugh. I'm so friggin' funny.

"Where are the cookies? Yeah, where are the cookies?"

This morning I was going over our finances in my head. We've had some cash flow problems in the last three months, due to Doug stopping one job, starting another, and the fact I spent about 6 months with no income once my unemployment trough ran dry.

I thought to myself, a gift from somewhere, somehow of about $1000 bucks would make sure that none of our current outgoing checks would bounce, I could pay off the balance due to Geoff's school for the remainder of his summer bills.

And maybe we would still have some extra clams to blow 100 on cheap booze and hookers! Note, there would be a lot more cheap booze purchased than actual hookers solicited.

In the mail today, a check from the US Treasury for $800. At the bottom it said "Tax Relief for American Families."

I never thought I'd say this outloud but "Thank You Uncle Dubya." It isn't quite the $1000 that I was imagining, but it sure as hell goes a long damn ass way in helping balance our checkbook and prevent the bouncings.

Now, perhaps if I just imagine bigger, like... I would love to pay off my house in one fell swoop, a great big fat check to my mortgage broker... and all the money that goes to paying the mortgage each month could go straight into college funds for my kids. Because, you know, we haven't saved a goddamn red pfennig for their higher ed. And that's concerning me greatly.

So? Karmic balance? Should I dare ask where that money would come from? Who on earth would just GIVE me 130k? I should be very careful what I ask for... it could mean someone's death. But I don't think any of my relatives would bequeath me that much dinero.

Anyway... it's nigh unto dinnertime. Geoff is wondering what's for supper. Doug's sleeping. I think pizza and Blockbuster may be in the cards tonight... what do you think?

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