Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Geoff is Six

Today is Geoff's sixth birthday (you'd think that would take presidence over the Trachtenbergs, but I tell ya -- they're funny!) I went to his class today and helped out with cake and ice cream, and stayed for chapel. It was loads of fun. I took pictures. Here are a couple:

Anticipation... the teacher lights the cake and all the kids gather round....
I love this action shot! And I love how his friend Ramon is standing back there with the "blowing" face on too.
Geoff and his latest "wife" Lexie. She is insanely in love with him. This cracks me up. She is so adorable. He is so aloof.
Mmmmm, Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream and Skittles make for a wicked awesome sixth birthday party feast! Thumbs UP!!!

I can't believe he is six. It just boggles my mind.

He has chosen the Rainforest Cafe for dinner, and for his birthday we have a cool dinosaur book and we'll let him pick out a T-shirt and maybe a stuffed animal friend from the gift shop. I'm thankful the Rainforest Cafe has beer.

We are having a birthday party for him on Saturday. At a bowling alley. It was his idea. And you know it's all about the little prince when it comes right down to it.

Per his request, I invited every kid from his class. There are 9 other kids in his class, and I figured of the 9 perhaps three or four wouldn't be able to come.

So far, only 1 parent has done as I requested and RSVP'ed.

When someone puts "RSVP" in an invitation, you're supposed to call back as to whether OR not you'll be coming. NOT responding is bad, because I don't know how many kids are actually coming and how many are not, which weighs on how much the party will end up costing me, how many pizzas I need to get, what size cake, and it also has impact onthe bowling alley people because they need to know how many lanes to block off and what size table to set up for us.

RSVP by date was yesterday.

What is wrong with these people?

When I was at school today I asked the kids if they were coming or not. Some didn't even know they were invited. The invitations were not in their mail cubbies, so SOMEONE took them home. Absent minded dads often just grab the work out of the cubby and put it in the truck. Mom with new baby -- perhaps braindead and overwhelmed and didn't notice. One girl told me she and her family are going away this weekend, so she can't come. I looked over at Geoff's best friend's mail cubby, and the invitation is STILL in the box. I put them there on Thursday of last week. That gave the parent/guardian three opportunities to pick the damn thing up and bring it home.

Correct me if I'm wrong -- do you think people understand the term RSVP anymore?

I need to tell the bowling alley tomorrow and give them a head count. I have no idea what to tell them. I'm pissed.

Last night while watching "Office Space" on Comedy Central, Jessica came in the room and I asked her "What movie am I watching?"

To whit she replied "I, I, didn't get any cake last year, and it looks like good cake" in her best Milton Waddams voice.

Yes. Indeed. My 10 year old can quote "Office Space." And she proceeded to do so. When they're sitting at Flingers having lunch, and he mentions Kung Fu movies, the camera zooms in on Jennifer Anniston, and my daughter says "I love Kung Fu."

Teach a child the path of righteousness while she is young, and when she is grown she will not part from it. I feel like I've accomplished something as a parent.

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