Thursday, July 22, 2004


Yesterday was a wash.

I should have been working on everything, but instead took the kids to We Be Toys to spend their birthday money (Geoff had a gift card that was given him in January, it's been on the fridge, Jessie had about 30 bucks left from her booty in June). Jess had a dentist appointment too, and by the time we got back to the house from all this it was 4pm and I was just boggled as to how much time we blew.

One of the things that Geoff picked out is one of those new video arcade joystick thingies that have five "old school" games in them. He picked the Namco one, with PacMan and Dig Dug. The kids have been playing it for hours. They're sure to break it.

They got into a huge fight over it because Jessica was playing and Geoff was side kick advising. "Turn here, go there, get that guy..." and it was driving her nuts.

So to stop the fighting, I took the controller away. All hell broke loose after that, he blamed her and she blamed him. A fight ensued and he ran through the house screaming with her on his tail.

He turned and put his hand up in the international "Stop! In the name of love!" fashion and yelled

"I'm wearing Idiot Repellent! You can't touch me!"

Which stopped her dead in her tracks and made her laugh. I just about dropped the dishes I was washing, and he got himself out of a beating with wiseassery.

That's my boy.

I did some work on the website for the band that I did last month. Wait. That sounds bad. I did the website, I didn't "do" the band. Ewww. Bad grammar paints inappropriate picture. Not really a mental image they or I would like, I think.

Anyway -- they have a new EP they're releasing this month, and they're having a contest. Name that tune and win Red Sox tickets. Go here, download the unnamed track, give it a suitable name via email to Mikey, and if your name choice is picked you win tix for August 15th to see the Sox and the Sox at Fenway. Plus, you can tell me if the download worked and the MP3 plays okay. I have no sound coming out of my PC for some darn reason.


The two projects that I need to be face first into the pie are the Dart people (so close, no matter how far...) and Salem in History. I'm still toying with the layout on that one, not happy with my header graphics at all... but very happy with the CSS that I cribbed and modified from someone else's website. Heh. Learning is good.

What is stopping me from strapping on the HTML feedbag today is the fact we have a meeting this evening with a financial advisor. Yes, Amy ... the one from your super lunch winning thing from a few months ago. Doug and I decided it would be a good idea to actually meet with him and go over some things. Especially seeing as we have no plan for Jessica for college, and that will be in six years if she goes on schedule. Gah.

And so I have to pull together documents, statements and all kinds of shit. I'm a deer in the headlights today because of this. I have no idea where some of this stuff is. I think I have a 403(b) from the College when I worked there, but I'm not sure. I've never received any sort of statement or anything. I'm not sure what the deal is there. I'm feeling overwhelmed and disorganized, as usual.

I'd really rather crawl back into bed, but it's 10:30 already, and I've nothing to show for my efforts to this point today. It's a sunny, gorgeous day. I'd much rather take the kids to the pond and swim than work on this kind of stuff, but. What needs done must be done.

And on that note, off I go to do it. More later kids. Have a good day.

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